Darn! These Vegetables Are Actually Fruits!. . .

Yes! We’ve been taught all wrong in our schools! Some of these common fruits belong to the vegetable family. Let’s see where we’ve been wrong all these years.

Firstly, what is a ‘fruit’?
Botanically, a fruit is the seed-bearing structure that grows from the ovary of a flowering plant. The ovary is a part of the pistil, located above or below or at the intersection of connection petals and sepals.

Okay, got it, somewhat. So what’s a ‘vegetable’ then?
Vegetables are also seed-bearing structures but they’re the parts other than flowers, like roots, leaves, and stem.

So, considering the above definitions, you can say those seedy outgrowths like tomatoes and apple are fruits. Whereas, beet, spinach, and more are veggies.

Let’s classify them:

  1. Tomatoes:
    They’re juicy, colorful and refreshing! This controversial food is edible as seeds are located within the edible portions of the plant structure.
    Another try…
  2. Bell Pepper:
    Those lovely, bright things like vegetables are… (any guess?) fruits. Simply because their seeds are visible. Though they don’t look a fruit, right?
    See, not too hard to differentiate.
  3. Corn:
    Urgh! Another debatable food. In many parts of the world, it is known as “Maize” and considered as a grain. But since we’ve got our facts cleared, you can say that their seeds are outside. So, they’re fruits.
  4. Avocado:
    This supposed-to-be-a-healthy-veggie is a fruit. Yes, even this food is a fruit!
  5. Peapods:
    Okay, this one is difficult. Before you put them in the vegetable category, think! Peas grow from their own dried seeds. So, technically it’s a fruit.
  6. Zucchini:
    Zucchini is one of the most widely used savoury food in the world. But it belongs to the berry family and hence, it’s a fruit.
  7. Banana:
    We literally thought that bananas are fruits! Let’s just say they’re “herbs”, much like Orchids. They can be called as fruits too as they do not grow on trees but on a plant.
  8. Nuts:
    They are hard seeds with shells. Basically, they’re fruits whose seeds are edible. Surprisingly, common nuts like almonds, coconut, walnut, peanut, etc. are fruits. Whereas, Pine nuts and cashew nuts are actually seeds. They grow from flowers on trees.
    So, the thumb rule is any food that has seeds, are fruits. Let’s take a test.
  9. Carrots:
    They do not have seeds and grow under the soil. Hence, these seedless food are veggies.
  10. Strawberry:
    Don’t get confused. They’re fruits, and with the exceptions that they do not belong to the ‘berry’ hierarchy.
  11. Eggplants:

    This once-thought-as-mad-food is not at all a vegetable. And belongs to the berry family. It got the name, solely for its shape and looks.

Did you get any more? Or did we miss something? We hope this helps you and next time, when someone asks about fruits and vegetables, you know what to say! Do share your views with us and enjoy a bright day full of fresh vegetables and fruits.

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