10 Bizarre Demands Made By Justin Bieber For His India Tour. . .

Justin Bieber had a list of bizarre and crazy demands for his recent trip to India. Though we feel for the organizers, yet his demands show that he lives up to his status quo.


No wonder his demands proved that he is a true celeb and in that megastar fashion, his PR asked for what he needs – some simple and relatable amenities (pun intended). Here are 10 bizarre demands he made for his five-day tour –

  1. A convoy of 10 luxury sedans and Volvo buses
    So Bieber needed 10 luxury sedans and Volvo buses for his entourage.
  2. A Rolls Royce
    He demanded a Rolls Royce for his personal commute.
  1. A private jet
    Ok, as if Rolls Royce wasn’t enough, he demanded a private jet for his travel within India. vibzn.com
  1. A chopper
    You must be thinking why a chopper? Well, this was used to fly him into the stadium before his performance. upscalehype.com
  1. 1000 sq. ft. suite
    So he demanded a 1000 sq. ft. suite which should be well stocked with over 100 hangers, vanilla room fresheners, cans of his favorite wild berries and bath supplies. earnthenecklace.com
  1. More for his entourage
    So Bieber is particularly specific for things he needs at his entourage’s disposal. He demanded 13 green rooms for his entourage backstage.nbcnews.com
  1. His recreation
    A shipment of his recreational stuff was flown that was meant for his backstage recreation. Things included – PlayStation, Ping Pong Table and hoover board. blogteenimpossivel.blogspot.in
  1. Water Bottles
    He seems pretty specific with his water choices. For Bieber’s green room, water supplies looked like this – 24 still-water bottles, 24 alkaline water bottles, vitamin water bottles, energy drinks, fizzy drinks, assorted juices, cream sodas and protein drinks. maxim.com
  1. Room supplies and curtains
    The pop star wanted only white curtains for his room. Apart from this, he demanded a glass-door refrigerator filled with all his favorite food supplies and drinks. hotmessfolder.com
  1. Unlimited gum
    This was meant for his entourage backstage. He demanded an unlimited supply of bubble gum to chew on in different flavors.bookmyshow.com


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