5 Types Of Drunks In Every Bar. . .

1.bp.blogspot.com Summers are on their best and we all love spending time with a bunch of cool friends at our favourite bar. The best part about drinking with people you know so well is watching them turn from their sober self to their drunk self. After few drinks, you get to know more and more about the people you already know! Also, we always have that one friend in the group who’ll say ‘I don’t drink’ whenever we go to a bar and end up spending all the time in the drinks section! So we’ve rounded up a list of types of drunks you will find in almost every bar.

  1. THE PERSON WHO ADMITS WAY TOO MUCH If you have loose lips then drinking with friends is probably not a very good idea. It’s no secret that alcohol has a truth serum effect, for some more than others. This person regrets drinking the next morning more than anyone else because he knows he must’ve confessed about loving his ex-girlfriend or even something worse than that. And if you are the one with the loose lips, we would suggest you to stay away from that little fella in the crystal glass. gph.is
  2. THE GHOST DRINKER All of us know this guy from the group. This person will vanish from any party without anyone knowing, usually because we are too drunk to notice but this can be considered as a talent as well. They succeed because they leave with no goodbyes or trace of departure time and also they know that we’ll forget that they left the next morning so it’s not exactly their fault. m.imgur.com
  3. THE EINSTEIN DRUNK They’re not usually the smartest in the group, but when they’re drunk, they boast the most obscure facts like the diameter of the earth, concept of the illuminatis or black holes and blow everyone’s mind away. gph.is
  4. THE PHYSICALLY CLUMSY DRUNK Let’s be honest, we’ve witnessed these kind of drunks. They just don’t listen and get hammered, fall everywhere and then regret it the next morning. They even take a vow not to drink again but start drinking again the following weekend. gph.is
  5. THE SPILLY TALKER Never ever thought that it was difficult to hold a conversation and a beverage at the same time until we saw this person. Much like a child, they are in need of a sippy cup to prevent soaking there selves and anyone else within close proximity, and it is usually the reason why the floor of bars and pubs is always so sticky. media0.giphy.com

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