The Most Amazing Things to Learn From Sachin Tendulkar. . .

Sachin Tendulkar is better known to be the God of cricket. He started his cricket career at the age of 16. Till then, it was known that cricket is made for tall and muscular guys, but Sachin broke the stereotype and became one of the finest batsmen of the Indian Cricket team. There are a lot of things which can be learned from Sachin’s long successful career of 24 years, where he faced a lot of failures as well as achieved a lot of records and accomplishments.

Here are some life inspiring lessons from the success of Sachin Tendulkar’s life experiences:

  1. Do what you Love/ What Inspires you:
    The reason behind a successful career of Sachin is that he loved cricket. The work he did, inspired him to do more and to perform better. If you always get inspired by your work, then there might be no incident of dullness in your life. You would never get bored of what you do.
  2. Always try to breach the Impossible:
    Well, this is something which all of us know. Breach the impossible; always try to break the boundaries. Something like this is done by Sachin when he made 100 centuries. Many extraordinary men have dreamt of doing that. But Sachin made his dream come true and breeze past the impossible boundaries.
  3. Diligence and Discipline:
    According to Sachin Tendulkar, your luck may always push you towards a certain career path but it is always your talent and determination which will always keep you going in the field you choose for. You just need to keep working hard and will always be cherished with rewards. And about discipline, it is always required to keep your mind and body focused towards one direction. For Sachin, it was Cricket.
  4. Never ever say ‘Never’:
    In order to succeed, it is required to be focused and keep yourself updated and accustomed to changes which might appear in your field. For example, Sachin has accustomed himself to every Cricket format such as one day, test series, 20-20 games or others. His love for cricket never died and he never said ‘No’ to any format or new configurations in his field.
  5. Philanthropy:
    One of the major lessons is serving the society. It is a fact that all of us earn money but very few of us actually spend money for those who need it. Sachin did a lot of things for the underprivileged children and donated sponsorships to those who need it. Raising funds for those who need it, is really great and inspiring.
  6. Being Humble and Positive:
    We come across a lot of people who have accomplished great things in their life but lack the positive nature and humbleness in their character. Well, there is something we all must surely learn from Sachin, i.e. his humble nature and positive attitude towards everything. He is always known to infuse positivity in the changing rooms and is steered away from anger most of the times.

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