7 Jobs That Are In High Demand Today But Didnt Exist Before 20 Years. . .

As technology advances, many new jobs are created in the global market which were unheard of before 15-20 years

Gone are the days when as soon as the baby is born, parents would declare that the child will become a doctor or an engineer. Today’s world is changing rapidly and technology is the core driver of that change. Few of the biggest companies in the world today like Apple and Facebook were unheard of or didn’t even exist 10-15 years back. With economically and technologically new era, come new jobs that were unheard of or probably undreamed of few years back. Here are few such jobs that didn’t exist before 20 years:

  1. Social Media Manager
    Nothing like social media existed 2 decades back. Orkut was launched in 2004 while Facebook was also launched in 2004 but was available exclusively only for Harvard students. LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter came much later. Today with a lot of work being done online, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora and LinkedIn are being used as marketing and professional connecting platforms as well. This brought the jobs like Social Media Manager which was not imaginable few years back.
  2. Bloggers
    Bloggers and content writers are now present everywhere and are very much in demand. With internet expanding like crazy and new websites popping up, bloggers and content writers are needed. Be it an in-house job or a job as a freelancer, this is thought to be an ever-growing line of profession currently.
  3. App Developer
    Smart phones and mobile applications came only a few years back and hence with it came the job of developing those applications. It can be said that iOS App Store as well as Google Play Store have been around since 6-7 years only. Today applications are available for everything and it is an application developer’s job to keep new applications coming, keeping old applications updated and hence there is a huge booming market out there for app developers.
  4. Cloud Computing Specialist
    Who knew 15 years back what “Cloud Computing” meant? Well, the term itself came into being in 2006 when during a conference Eric Schmidt used the term “Cloud computing” for describing Google’s approach towards software. Today cloud computing and related services are used in most of the big firms and it is only growing.
  5. YouTube Content Creators
    YouTube was launched in 2005. Since then YouTube visitors have been increasing steadily every year and today average monthly users on YouTube are 1000 Million. Thanks to YouTube video-blogging or as it is normally said “vlogging” is now a full-time and well-paying career. Few successful YouTube vloggers earn thousands of dollars yearly because of advertising, sponsorship deals and social media management.
  6. Virtual Assistant
    The way technology is growing, the days aren’t far when people would be having virtual assistants instead of actual physical assistant. However today being a virtual assistant is something you can do from your home itself. Provide assistance to your company’s clients online via a chat engine and earn very well.
  7. Sustainability Manager
    Sustainability in market and being environment friendly is becoming very crucial for organizations today. Sustainability managers will help organisations use their resources in the most optimum manner and try and make environment-friendly decisions.

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