8 Amazing Tips to Capture A “Perfect Picture”. . .

Every human on this face of earth has its own identity, face, body and skin color and each one of them is BEAUTIFUL in their own self. Standard of beauty varies from culture to culture and society to society. Human Race is more open to all shapes and colors now then it was ever before and that’s absolutely flawless.While some of people are clearly camera friendly and manage to look good even in their PJ’s, all credit goes to their photogenic looks and some of us have to put in extra efforts for pictures so that they turn out to be fine. Multiple attempts to capture that “one perfect picture” is a common practice and we feel the struggle and it’s real.
Here are some of the tips to take perfect pictures without putting in too much of time and effort.

First of all before staring the shoot, we ask you to breath. It will turn out to be fine; being too conscious often ruins the picture.

  1. Posture, yes posture is the most important of all. Sit up straight and active as you don’t want to look tired in pictures with literally bent shoulders, do you?
  2. This may sound odd but it works for real; motorboat your lips. It will help them relax and look natural and not awkward.
  3. Keep distance from camera if you don’t want to look like a giant. If you’re taking a group picture, make sure that all of you are at same distance and level from camera to make it look smooth.
  4. It has been said that a good picture is all about angles and it can’t be more right.
    So when we say angles, it’s not just camera angles or body angles, it’s both.
  5. When taking a photograph in a sitting posture, take it from upper angle to make it look slender and to highlight jawline.
  6. However, while taking full-length photographs, do the opposite.
  7. Take pictures while makeup is fresh and alcohol level is low.
  8. Discover your best Side. If you think your left side picture will work the best, then go for it.

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