8 Things You Will Relate To If You Come From A Joint Family. . .

Some little joys can only be experienced in a joint family
For us Indians family comes first. We are taught how important family is from the very beginning and have been brought up in that environment. However, for us family doesn’t mean just parents and siblings. It also means a whole lot of uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins and more. Growing up in a joint family comes with lots of pros and cons. Not everyone gets that experience but here are few things that you will relate to if you come from a joint family:

  1. Having celebration for every single thing
    Joint family means something or the other is always going on and there is a reason for celebration very frequently. Of course whenever something good happens with any of the family member, it calls for celebration and obviously it wont be a small one.
  2. Siblings are the closest friends
    They are the ones you come back to and they have been there with you from the very beginning. However irritating you find them, they are there even at 3 am if you need them. They have become one of your closest friends and you know you can trust them with anything.
  3. Alone time was very much valued
    Very rarely you get privacy and whenever you get chance to enjoy some alone time, it would surely be interrupted by someone or other.
  4. Using second-hand things was nothing new
    Be it toys, a video-game, a cycle or a bike, there is a probability that it would be used by someone or the other before you. And if you get something new, it would surely be later on passed on to your younger sibling.
  5. Blame game was an everyday thing
    Whenever you get into some trouble with your siblings the blame game such as “You did it!”, “No, You did it!” was inevitable. However it was probably one of the most memorable part of living in a joint family too.
  6. If one child got something new, every child got it too
    Whether it is toys or new clothes or even chocolates, every child would get something new if one of them is getting it. One of the joys of living in joint family is sharing such small things together and getting great pleasure out of it.
  7. Comparison amongst children is very normal
    This holds true especially amongst the children whose marks, sports activities etc are compared. “He got 85%, you got 79%!”
  8. Lack of personal space
    Very rarely it happens that you get a personal room in a joint family. It is normally shared amongst the cousins. Hence there is always one person who interferes in your every doing and there is no such thing as personal space.

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