5 Ways to Pamper A Pregnant Woman. . .

A pregnant woman needs as much pampering as a little child.

It is not at all easy being pregnant. And as the weeks go by, coping up with body changes becomes more and more difficult. The emotional and physical roller collar roaster ride that a woman goes through those 9 months is difficult to anticipate by a man. She may be laughing one moment and may begin to cry the very next moment. She would be cranky, would be forgetful and what not. However during all these times, all she needs is lot of love and some pampering from her better half and family members. Here is how you can pamper a pregnant woman:

  1. Get her a massage
    A pregnant woman would be experiencing swelling, would be having a sore body and hence a good massage for her can work wonders. She may feel exhausted at all times and thus gift her pregnancy specific massage. An ultra-relaxing massage will for sure work very well.
  2. Run errands for her
    Pregnant woman would definitely be short on energy. With a growing baby inside her, she would need all the help she can get even in doing simplest of tasks. Hence even doing small things for her like grocery shopping and getting dinner for her in bed would make her feel good.
  3. Surprise her
    No it doesn’t mean that you should buy her extravagant gifts or take her to an expensive hotel. But little surprises once in a while would do just fine. Like getting her flowers, getting her dessert without her asking, buying her a simple maternity dress and such. Little things like this would make huge difference and more importantly make her feel good.
  4. Read to her
    Once in a while, read something good to her before she goes to sleep. That way you will be reading to both her and the baby. Plus preparing yourself for the upcoming days. Somedays she might be sleepless or may not be finding a comfortable position to sleep in. Read to her or put on some comforting music that would make her feel better.
  5. Put on a good movie
    On certain days when she had a hard time, put on a good movie and just give her company. You may not get such time once the baby comes. Hence spend some time with her and let her relax. Put on a good movie, get some popcorn and spend some quality time. It would be one good night.

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