10 Things You Learn While Living At A Hostel. . .

If you are a hosteler then this is a familiar story for you. You have an all time love-hate relationship with your hostel. There are so many things to love about living at hostels and there are so many things to hate about it as well. The best way to make your hostel stay worth staying is to enjoy each and every day and make hell lot of memories. So here we have a list of some of the things that we learn while living at a hostel:

  1. YOU LEARN TO MANAGE EXPENSES When it’s the end of the month and you have just 100 bucks in your wallet, you get to learn the cost cutting techniques that even the big multinationals don’t know. Suddenly all your dates will be postponed and 1st of every month will be the most desired date. Hostel is the place where you get to know the real value of money. media3.giphy.com
  2. HOW TO HAVE FUN Of course you get home sick and miss the food but when it comes to having fun, hostelers know the drill. You have a different idea in your evil head whenever you feel bored and you end up having the best time of your life. media1.giphy.com
  3. HOW TO ENTER STEALTH MODE Making your way into a 4 bed hostel room after a couple of beers in the middle of the night without waking anyone up is an art, and you master it while spending your days there. This is the talent that only experts posses while others have to study it in detail! media.giphy.com
  4. ANY BIG CELEBRATION IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT GPL Whether it’s birthday of a roommate or if someone has just passed an exam, GPL is necessary because that’s the rule. And everyone has got to follow THE RULE. It doesn’t matter in which year you are, how many friends do u have, you will always face the GPL even on your smallest achievement. images.grabhouse.com
  5. YOU LEARN TO SURVIVE ON “MAGGI” Every room in hostel has a cook, who has a different recipe for a same thing, “MAGGI”. Egg bhurjee maggi, chicken magi, paneer maggi, soupy maggi or the desi masala maggi, you know them all! It is hostel’s national food and it is so important for you that sometimes it invariably becomes the birthday cake. Yes, you cut Maggi instead of cake on our birthdays. media.giphy.com
  6. MESS IS ACTUALLY A “MESS” When you come back to hostel after spending days at home and having lots of ‘ghar ka khana’ your expectations are on the moon for food. Then you enter in the mess, you literally get depressed because you realize that you are going to have the same disgusting food which you’ve been running from. No matter how many times you get the menu changed, daal is always going to end up the same. Everything being served to you has potatoes in it. If maggi is the national food of hostel, then potato is surely the national food for mess. giphy.com
  7. YOU ARE A BIGTIME CHAI-HOLIC Tea is something which is not considered as a beverage, it is something that you need like oxygen. You know about every tapri and thela around your campus and can never keep a count of how many of them you had in a day! images.indianexpress.com
  8. YOU ARE SURELY A VICTIM OF INSOMNIA If you live in a hostel with no restrictions then you always think about one thing, NIGHTOUTS. Not one, not two but sometimes more than that in a week. You are always free for talking or watching a movie or a sitcom maybe and have no idea of what the time is. And when you have nothing to do even then you don’t sleep because obviously insomnia is your best friend. http://images.indianexpress.com/2014
  9. YOU LOCK ALL YOUR VALUABLES In hostels, there is so much risk of having valuable items stolen from your bag or room if they are not locked properly. So you make a habit of locking your valuables and cross checking it twice or thrice to avoid all the theft. Even if you trust the people in your room, you still lock all your valuables because everyone just keep coming to your room. giphy.com
  10. JUGAAD COMES NATURALLY TO YOU You know how to make the most of what you’ve got. Whether it’s about using laptop as a shaving mirror, iron as an electric kettle or hair dryer as an iron, you know it all. images.grabhouse.com

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