8 Indian Celebrities Who Suffered From Mental Illness. . .

Depression or mental illness, whatever you call it, it is rare that people talk about it openly. Especially in a country like India, people usually stay away from this topic.


But there are some Bollywood celebrities and pop icons who suffered from depression and were brave enough to talk about it openly. Here is a list of such celebrities who battled with it bravely and came out of it like a rock star –

  1. Sanjay Dutt
    The actor has suffered depression inside prison and was unable to keep up with his eating and sleeping schedule. khaleejtimes.com
  1. Shah Rukh Khan
    The superstar has been vocal about his days when he was fighting depression after his shoulder injury in 2008. Fortunately, he fought with it and came out healthy and hearty. youngisthan.in
  1. Deepika Padukone
    The Bollywood diva openly talked about her struggle with depression in a TV interview. She told that she had a hard time getting through those days and she lacked concentration and broke down a lot. She started to focus on work in order to combat it. thequint.com
  1. Yo Yo Honey Singh
    The pop icon suffered from Bipolar disorder and that’s why he stayed away from the limelight for a year. He told that he stopped responding to medications and was scared of performing in front of people. scoopwhoop.com
  1. Anushka Sharma
    Anushka told on Twitter that she is having problems with anxiety and she is even taking medications for it. She said that there is nothing shameful about it and it’s as normal as having a stomach pain.masala.com
  1. Ileana D’Cruz
    Ileana talked about her fight with Body Dysmorphic Disorder in an interview and how her family and friends supported her during the tough times. redfuel.in
  1. Randeep Hooda
    He encountered depression post the movie Sarabjit just like he felt after the movie Highway. This happened because he identified with his character way too much. scoopwhoop.com
  1. Varun Dhawan
    Varun Dhawan revealed that he used to feel depressed while shooting for the movie Badlapur. He said that he saw a doctor and was prescribed medications for it. financialexpress.com

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