9 Funny Things Indian Parents Say To Blackmail Their Kids For Marriage. . .

Indian parents are always blackmailing their kids into marriage. Sometimes, they go lengths to say bizarre, lame and weird things to force you into marriage. Not to forget their old age dialogues that start with, “Jab hum tumhari umar ke the..


As soon you kids approach marriageable age, parents start nagging them by saying dozens of things. Here are 10 funniest things that only Indian parents can say to their kids to make them tie the knot –

  1. Look at your cousin. He already has a son.indiatimes.com
  1. We are getting old now. We just want to get done with our responsibility before we get too old. hindustantimes.com
  2. Your biological clock is ticking. theworld-aroundus.com
  3. It is rare to find a groom with these qualities such as rich and sanskari. You won’t have a single financial problem in life.indiatimes.com
  4. We are tired of attending your friends’ marriages. Now it’s your turn so that we can host a reception. idiva.com
  5. We have done so much for you. We have given you whatever you demanded. Can’t you just listen to us once? yehdilmangemore.com
  6. You are utterly useless. If you will get married, you will learn how to take responsibilities. hindustantimes.com
  7. Your cousin has gone to honeymoon. You can go too if you get married. hindustantimes.com
  8. Here is the classic one – “Log kya kahenge?”yehdilmangemore.com


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