Indian Sarees Which Never Go Out Of Fashion. . .

Indian sarees have always been in the fashion. They are an evergreen charm and bring a different kind of elegance which can never be brought by any other outfit. Sarees define the Indian tradition in the best possible ways. Although, we all know that the world of fashion is very dynamic, but one thing which never goes out of fashion are Sarees.

These days, designers are coming up with a more modern style of sarees, with different cloth material and modern wrapping styles. Let us have a look at some of the traditional as well as modern sarees which never go out of fashion.

  1. Kanjivaram Sarees:
    Kanjivaram sarees were originated from a place named Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. These sarees majorly have intricate golden thread work or precious and beautiful matching zari motifs in vibrant colours. These are famous in India because of the rich culture they showcase. Many of the famous and successful celebrities prefer wearing Kanjivaram sarees rather than carrying modern dresses such as gowns.
  2. Chiffon Sarees:
    Light weight and very pretty sarees which are preferred by almost everyone are chiffon sarees. These sarees give an elegant look to your personality and are never out of fashion. These are the type of sarees which every Indian woman has in her closet as they wrap around wonderfully give you a slimmer appearance. These types of sarees can be worn in day time as well as in evening.
  3. Designer Sarees:
    These are the type of sarees which are always updated according to the ongoing trend and fashion. They are created by famous and creative designers and are extremely versatile. You will find everything you want in these sarees such as rich embroidery, exotic designs and textures and are majorly found in a single piece, i.e. you can’t find a copy of such sarees. These sarees can be really expensive depending on the designer labels.
  4. Bhandhej Sarees:
    The very famous Bhandhej sarees are the specialty of Rajasthan. These sarees are found in chiffon, georgette, cotton, and silk. These sarees are very famous among rajasthani women and are known for the creative splash of colours. These are prepared by a tie-and-dye process and look very beautiful. Many designers play around with these bhandhej sarees and turn them into real masterpieces.
  5. Banarasi Silk Sarees:
    Weaved in the holy place of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh (India), thesesarees are very famous for their beautiful patterns and colours. The sarees are made of heavy satin or silk and are known to be typical bridal wear amongst Bengalis. The sarees possess intricate flower and jewellery patterns in zari work and have a very fine quality, which never goes out of fashion.
  6. Saree-gown:
    These types of sarees are known to be the latest version or we can say modern version of sarees. These sarees are known be the perfect blend of sarees classical structure and functional and classy gowns. You can easily find these saree-gowns online or you can also find them under different designer labels. These sarees are very fashionable and serve two different purposes at a time.

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