Made in India, but Not Sold in India!. . .

Although we, being Indians, do not usually prefer things that are ‘Made in India’ but do you know there are many things that we admire greatly are in reality, made in India but not sold in India? If not, just give your valuable time to have a look on such things as mentioned here.

  1. Costumes of Hollywood Action Movies
    • Jon Snow Cloak and Armor
    Jon Snow’s both black colored cloak and armor are manufactured in India and that too in one of the Noida’s economic zone industry/warehouse. However, interesting thing is that it is not sold in any regions of India.

    • Robe Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Robe Obi-Wan Kenobi is an original, unique and a customized product that constitutes an ultimate example of fashion and it is much more as compared to a simple costume related to fancy dress. Noticing fact about it is that shops and designer groups involved in making Kenobi are in India but surprisingly, their products directly go for export instead of selling in local/national market.

    • Gryffindor Uniform of Harry Potter
    Every one of us loved the Gryffindor uniform used in Harry Potter series because of which the product has witnessed and is continuing to witness huge demands in most of the foreign countries. However, many people do not have any knowledge about the fact that the uniform is made in Noida’s apparel design group in India.

  2. Two-wheelers/Automobiles
    With 16.4 millions, India has become the biggest two-wheeler market across the world. However, there are large number of automobiles, which do not sold nationally or locally even though, they manufactured in India. In fact, almost every leading automobile group, like Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, Mahindra Two Wheelers and Yamaha Group produce specific two-wheelers, like scooters, motorcycles and step-through, which cater to export area in exclusive manner. On broad analysis, you will find about 12 models from 22 different ones produce in India by TVS Motors in Chennai are only for export in different countries belonging to South East of Asia.
  3. Technology Products
    Other than two-wheelers and Hollywood costumes, you will find wide range of technology products, which made in India but not sold here. These include
    • Laser keyboards
    • Safe jars in kitchen
    • Blind spot rear view mirror
    • Biolite camping stove

    In addition, you will find few other innovative products designed in India to supply in foreign countries instead of selling in local areas. These are

    • WalkyShocky , which implies smartphone devices equipped with dumb batteries
    • AbHancer machine that claims to give 6-pack abs within only few seconds of daily workout

    • Extended thumb device to operate the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices

    • Roti robot to make rotis/chappatis within less possible time and without compromise on quality
    • Swim Mill to enjoy swimming comfortably from home

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