Things Every Parent Should Know Before Welcoming a Baby. . .

These days you can find a lot of books which are better known as “Parenting Guides”, but a child’s presence if full of surprises. Even the famous advice and all parenting guides fail when your chance comes, as nothing can completely prepare you for becoming a parent. Only your daily experience can prepare you for the next day, but there are certain things which you should know about parenthood.

  1. Do not spoil your child with love:
    A child brings a lot of happiness and new vibes in the house and as parents, we all want to fulfill all their needs and wants. But at times, it is required to say “No” to them. Children should understand the meaning of “No”. We tend to spoil our child by responding to all their needs and agreeing to all their wants. If it becomes their habit then it might become very harmful in the future.
  2. One should always be responsive to their child’s cries:
    Before becoming a parent, you should always keep this thought in your mind that the only way of your child communicating to you is through his or her cries. So, you should always be responsive to your child’s cries to help her meet her most basic needs and let her believe that you are there for her all the time. So take care of them and be responsive!
  3. You can always sleep safely with your baby:
    There have been a lot of rumors that sleeping with babies can be dangerous, but that is not a correct fact. After a lot of research, it has been proven that co-sleeping with babies is not harmful, neither for the health of babies or for the health of parents. So, you can easily enjoy sleeping and play with your babies without any danger to their health, but you must take care and be very careful, as babies are very delicate and need special pampering.
  4. Your children also need to connect with nature:
    When we were kids, we all used to play in the dirt, go out and play with friends, climb trees etc. But this is not the case these days, as modern day’s parents are scared to send their children out and these children become more prone to television and playing games which tend to become harmful for their eyes as well as body. Well, parents must ensure that their kids go for activities outside their home and connect with nature rather than sitting at home and watching television all day long.
  5. Teaching discipline in a best possible manner:
    New parents very often worry about teaching discipline to their children, and they also misunderstand the literal meaning of discipline. Many parents often start spanking and scolding their children to teach them a life lesson in the name of discipline. But the parents should understand that spanking and scolding is not the correct way. All they need to do is guiding their children and teaching them the difference between the right and wrong doings.

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