6 Fashion Tips For A Perfect Groom. . .

Whether you’re renting, buying, being ‘Desi’ or ‘Un-Desi’, matching up with you bride’s fashion expectations, is never easy. You may think what’s new in Indian wedding fashion, especially for a groom. Those old ‘Sherwanis’ and ‘Safas’ are the first to pick. But instead of being just another ‘fashion-less’ groom, why not try something suave that can make you and your entire gang ‘eye-candies’ for all the girls out there in the wedding? These simple ideas will help you look dapper in every way possible:

  1. No Sherwanis, please!
    If you’re bored of Sherwanis but want to look sophisticated, then turn your attention to ‘Achkans’ or ‘Jodhpuris’. Or to be even more stylish, ‘Anarkali style Sherwani’ can be your next favorite outfit to get that regal look
    (More perfect if you’re tall!).
    And the coolest thing? You can go for bright and gaudy colors or subtle tones. They look damn muscular in any color!
  2. Suit up!
    Okay, you don’t want an ethnic look in the gala. So you shop for suits and tuxedos. But wait, take a look at the fashion world and you’ll be in love with the funky retro look this season.
    Instead of suiting up mild, get yourself few printed waistcoats, regular suits, and matching bow ties. Now you and your gang are ready to party!
  3. Forget Chudidaar or Patiala
    If you’ve already decided to go for Achakans, Jodhpuris or Banarasi, then a ‘Dhoti’ can make a killer pair with any of these. Yes, Dhotis are back in the fashion, that too in new avatars.
    They look perfectly avant-garde with short Achakans or Bandhgalas. If you’re not comfortable with Dhotis but still want a contemporary twist, search for Cowl pants.
    PS: Dhotis look best on every body type!
  4. The Posh look
    Those who can’t turn their backs on silk fabric and heavy needlework can try BanarasiBandhgalas. They’re heavy, rich, and perfect for a Big-Fat-Indian-wedding.
    And for the tuxedo look, get a velvet tux, boy! It looks simply timeless and trendy. If velvet is not your thing, then adding velvet embroidery on the printed tux can also do the trick.
  5. Where’s mah shoes?
    Need to add something OTT (over-the-top) here? How about embellished Mojris? Skip those boring, tanned loafers or Mojris and shop for embroidered and bejeweled Mojris.
    Or even Jari work on loafer can make you go gaga if paired with a tux.
  6. Don’t forget your accessories!
    Yes, we know you have Sherwanibuttons and cufflinks in the name of accessories for your outfits. But you have to look eye-candid tonight, so boys, don’t forget to get a dazzling brooch.
    It’s a cool accessory to play with and clearly not for the usual ones. A single or two-string brooch looks way more fashionable on basic Sherwanis than the buttons. And for the suit-lovers, get monogrammed cufflinks if money is not a trouble, to look special in the evening.

And lastly, you’re The Groom; so don’t be afraid to look stylish. After all, this is the time to flaunt your manly vogue and make your bride say “He’s mine!”


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