7 Things Girls who Hang Out More With Guys Will Understand. . .

It is sometimes difficult to be the only girl in a group of guys

Some girls have tons of guy friends and they are actually more comfortable with them than their girl friends. However, they are often judged by their peers and more importantly by their other girl friends. It is anyways very common and there is nothing wrong for a girl to not understand “girly talk”, bitching and so on. Here are few things that girls who hangout more with guys will understand:

  1. Guys mean less drama
    Guys are normally very frank and straight to the point. If they are disappointed about something, if they didn’t like something, they will come to you and frankly say whatever it is. While on the other hand, girls will feel bad about it, put up some drama and it can often lead to bitch fights.
  2. Platonic friendships do exist
    If you hangout with few guys more than you do with your girl friends, there would be some people who would end up linking you up with one of your guy friends. However you do know that there can exist something such as pure platonic friendship between a guy and a girl. There is zero attraction there.
  3. Your idea of fun changes
    Slowly and gradually your idea of fun changes. With girls it would be more of dinner plans, chick lit and Rom-com movie plans, stay overs that consists of nail-painting, gossips about crushes and so on. While with guys the plan would consist of video-games, action movies, football and cricket. Basically it somehow means more adventure.
  4. You will be careless about what you eat
    Eating salads, diet coke and cottage cheese is not acceptable. If you are handing out with guys, it would be more of pizzas and pastas and Maggie. It would be more of roadside food and less of expensive elegant restaurants. Plus you are totally fine by that.
  5. You don’t have to worry about what you are wearing every time
    If you are going out with your guy friends, you would be least worried about how dressed up you are. They absolutely won’t care how you are dressed up, whether you are wearing branded clothes or not and whether your hair is messy or not. They won’t even notice if you are wearing same clothes for straight three days.
  6. It doesn’t mean you are a tomboy
    Maybe you are. But it doesn’t really matter. You can be a total girl and fit in right with the guys or you can be a total tomboy and fit in right with the girls. It absolutely doesn’t matter.
  7. However it doesn’t mean that you don’t have female friends
    Even if you hang out more with your guy friends, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any girl friends or you dislike hanging out with them. Sure you probably have as many girl friends as guy friends and you love hanging out with them as much as you love hanging out with your guy friends.

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