8 Things You Will Understand If You Overthink Everything. . .

Overthinking is a habit that can sometimes lead to serious or hilarious consequences

Overthinking is a habit that a lot of people possess and sometimes without realizing that they have a habit of overthinking. However it is a habit that is very common. You may think of yourself of someone who is deeply anxious, someone who is very analytical and overly sensitive. Maybe not on surface but inside, yes.Some may call that introspective. If you are someone who relates to this trait, here are few things you will understand:
  1. Sorry comes straight from heart metro.co.uk Because you really mean it. You may have thought about the scenario where you are saying sorry a hundred times and also about the scenario that led to this. In your head, you would have probably replayed the scene and thought about what could have been different.
  2. Setting high expectations theodysseyonline.com Research has found that overthinking leads to setting high expectations for self. Actually higher expectations than needed. For any situation, you would analyze it again and again, thinking what went wrong and what could have been done in a better way.
  3. Starting conversations can be difficult metro.co.uk It is not because you are worried about how you will carry the conversation, it is because you start imagining what you will say, what the other person will revert and so on. You almost play the whole conversation in your head. And then replay it.
  4. You find a meaning in everything metro.co.uk Actually, you need to find a meaning in everything. You go over various possibilities and then maybe sit down to find the probability of which option is more relevant.
  5. You cannot accept that not everything can have a deep meaning theodysseyonline.com Because it simply is not possible.Your thinking skills are almost on point, every single time. But sometimes it is hard to accept that you are wrong and that not everything can have a hidden deep meaning.
  6. You share everything with friends to get their opinion metro.co.uk This has become your daily routine. You share screenshots of conversations with your close friends and consult them to get their opinion and also to get assurance that whatever you were thinking is correct.
  7. You take time to select your words theodysseyonline.com Whether it is writing a normal message or writing an important e-mail, you take time. You think twice about whether you should start with “hi” or “hello”, whether you should write “Okay” or “K” and whether you should end the email with “Regards” or “Thank You”.
  8. You can handle loads of information at a time theodysseyonline.com Because you have the ability and capacity to think a lot, you can handle a lot of information at a particular time than compared to those who don’t have the trait of over-thinking. This has also been proved scientifically.
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