7 Best Lipstick Shades to Try This Summer!. . .

Lipstick shades play a major role to boost your overall beauty and thereby, bring drastic changes in your overall personality. Hence, in order to get best shades for the summer, you should pick a few cooler lipstick shades and color combinations, which work the best for the season and brightens your face.

  1. Relentlessly Red
    If you want to get a stylish and a glamorous look, you should definitely go with the ultimate relentlessly red colored lipstick shade. This is a reddish and bright pinkish coral matte or simply of retro matte and it acts as a perfect one for both casual events and parties.
  2. Velvet Lipstick Shade
    Velvet lipstick shade comprises of a deep-tone of beige combined with pink colored lipstick shade. This style goes perfectly for all girls with Indian skin tones. The best thing about the velvet teddy shade is that it suits perfectly with almost every type of makeup, particularly for girls with smoky eyes. Moreover, you can choose it for both night and day wears.
  3. Ruby Shade
    Are you looking to get a blood red colored lips and you are keen that it should neither be light or dark in color? If your answer is yes, you should go for the popular Ruby lipstick.This shade acts as the perfect option for ladies of every age group. Being a universal type of lipstick shade, it stays for a longer time i.e. approximately for about 8 hours, while it incorporates a vivid type of blue-red color.
  4. Vibrant Red
    Vibrant red lipstick shade act as a staple beauty item for the whole year and it has no exception in summer. The perfect shade for the date night! And it lets you improve your collection of lipsticks. Other than this, the shade gels perfectly with every type of skin tone making it an ideal option for every girl and woman.
  5. The ombre of Orange and Pink Shade
    Try out the combination of shades of pink and orange, in the ombre style, which gives you an irresistible kiss ready lips. These lips are perfect for those beach parties you have awaited. The lipstick must have a glossy finish without any fade and a buttery formulation to leave one’s lips moisturized in combination with coral and faint shade.
  6. Coral Shade
    Coral shade is another one that suits perfectly with every type of skin tone and it is a mandate shade for the summer. Sheer and a coral lipstick may increase the brightness of your fair skin without your garish look and you will find an excellent opaque option to give excellent color for dark tones.
  7. Purple Shade
    Despite purple being an underdog color in case of lipsticks, it still brightens up the look. Regardless your skin tone, you may go for strong violet undertones to match perfectly with your attire. Alternatively, you may try out for darker and lavender products in combination with fairer skin beauties and various plum shades.

Therefore, based on trendy and classic lipstick colors and/or shades, you may enjoy for this summer pleasantly. Let us know what is your lip shade today.

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