7 Weekend Getaways for Mumbaikars This Summer. . .

Starting from the picturesque hill stations to the famous beaches and adventurous gateways, Mumbaikars will find many places to visit nearby the city during weekends. Most of the people in Mumbai consider holiday tours with tons of excitements. However, limited weekends prevent them from going for any extended trip.

Hence, they often do a common thing i.e. pack in as much as they can and intend to have lots of fun during their every weekend. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we are sharing a few weekend breaks available for Mumbaikars.

  1. Sleepy Village of Kolad
    By moving only 100 kilometers from the metro city of Mumbai, you will come across a sleepy village named Kolad located on the banks of the famous Kundalika River. The place is perfect for adventure junkies, especially who are passionate of water rafting.
  2. Saputara Hill Station
    Want to chill in a nearby hill station, just go for Saputara hill station that belongs to Dang district in the southern region of Gujarat. The hill station is located at the top of a thick forest plateau of Sahyadri range.
  3. Mandwa
    Mandwa village is the closest getaway from Mumbai city and acts as an ideal place to experience water sports. Here individuals may get an opportunity to experience kayaking in the sea. The best thing about the village is that you may access it via both land and sea. Along with water sports lovers, the place is also perfect for seafood lovers. If this is not enough, you will find here a large number of private adventure groups set up their adventure tours as well as getaways for large numbers of Mumbaikars.
  4. Ajanta and Ellora Caves
    Mumbai people,who love to know ancient cultures, should definitely visit Ajanta and Ellora Caves,which obtained its name in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place highlights an interesting peek about paintings and sculptures of ancient India and its religions, like Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.
  5. Tarkali Beach
    With the combination of blue waters and white sands, Tarkali beach acts as the best place to enjoy local and fresh seafood. Especially, you would love to have the spicy Malvani cuisine available there.
  6. Lonavala
    Lonavala constitutes a prime tourist destination for all, who frequently travel from/to Mumbai and Pune. This is a town cum hill station surrounded with lots of greeneries. Lonavala hill station gives a lively experience during the rainy season. While standing at the top of any stunning hill in the early morning during monsoon, you would realize that the hill station is an ultimate breather from the busy city life.
    Moreover, to get relief from the heat in daytime, you may move ahead to waterfalls and dams interspersed through the entire hill station. If this is not enough, the place has something for architecture lovers. This means, you may visit Bhaja and Karla Caves nearby, which highlight the best examples of rock-based architecture in the entire state.
  7. Panchgani
    Last, but not the least, you may opt to travel for 5 hours to spend a good time paragliding at the famous hill station of Panchgani located in Satara District.

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