7 Things You Will Relate To If You Struggle To Reach Everywhere On Time. . .

It is not that you enjoy being late, it is just that you always end up being late

We all know that one person who is just always late. However hard they try, they are always late.Struggling to reach on time and yet being always late runs in their blood. It is just a part and parcel of their life. But none of their friends or family will understand why they struggle to reach on time. If you are someone who can’t reach anywhere on time and are always struggling, here are few things you will relate to:

  1. You honestly do try to reach on time
    Every time you have to reach somewhere, you mentally decide that you will be there right on time. And you honestly make an effort to reach on time too. However something or the other just pops up. Be it a phone call or bad traffic, you couldn’t help it.
  2. Going anywhere stresses you out
    It is actually very stressful to rush and rush everywhere. You don’t remember the last time you took your time to get ready and leave home without having the tension of reaching somewhere.
  3. You end up apologizing to people on reaching
    Actually you always end up apologizing to people for being late. The first word you say on reaching anywhere is “Sorry!”
  4. You have your excuses ready
    Yet you always have your excuses ready. Most of the times your brain is working on what excuse you will give today when asked why you are late.
  5. Your friends sometimes give you an early time
    Your friends sometimes give you an early time so that you will be there right on time. You get mad when you learn about this but then feel good about it because you got there on time. Well, change always feels good.
  6. Your 5 minutes mean you are still on your couch
    Your friends and family very well know that when you mean you will be there in 5 minutes, you are probably still in your bed. 5 minutes mean nothing less than 45 minutes.
  7. You automatically snooze your alarm
    You always set your alarm early so that you can reach on time. Of course that doesn’t work. But setting your clocks to wrong time doesn’t really work because you know very well that they are showing wrong time. Also, clocks stress you out.

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