Men’s Fashion: 8 Ways To Wear ‘Athleisure’ Trend. . .

Are you looking to nail the biggest spring trend of the season? Well, it’s Athleisure trend. Yes, you heard it right! The trend that combines part gym wear and part work wear.
The Athleisure trend looks cool and effortless. The best thing is that you will look chic while staying super comfy. So it doesn’t matter if you are into Athletics or play sports, you can still sport this trend with our easy tips. Follow these 8 tips to wear Athleisure the right way –

  1. Go for tailored joggers
    There are two types of joggers – everyday tapered joggers and gym/marathon slim line joggers. The difference is in the material. So without a doubt, go for tapered joggers and team it up with a bomber or sweatshirt. pinterest
  1. Track jackets
    This will serve dual purpose – layering and athletic usage. So have one to go with your everyday joggers. Go for lighter stuff. pinterest
  1. Hoodies
    Oh yes! They are the cult favorites. Try something new with a hooded jacket in leather. It will bring out the sporty and cool combination in the right proportion.
  1. Skip sweatshirt
    Ok, sweatshirts are too 2010. We suggest you replace it with a nice sporty bomber or a hoodie. Pair it with your favorite joggers and high top sneakers.
  1. Statement bombers
    Since it’s the revival of the 90s, statement bombers are back in the trend. Pick an attention grabbing bomber with a statement print, a minimal bomber in leather or one in evergreen black. You can never go wrong with
  1. An overcoat
    So if you hail from a cold place, then buy an overcoat in camel or tan shade to go with your jogger pants. You are ready for a casual day out.
  1. Pay attention to sneakers
    The best sneakers to go with tapered jogger pants are the high-top ones or basketball sneakers. You can go for white sneakers that are so much in trend or just a pair of converse.
  1. Bring out the spunk with accessories
    If you want to emphasize your look, you can wear a snapback cap, a hat or just a cool backpack.

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