10 things that every convent educated can understand. . .

Convent schools are regarded as one of the best among the schools for receiving the education. Not only for the all-comprehensive syllabus, you also learned moral values which stay with you for the lifetime. Although the sisters, or the teachers, were very strict, but the schools had their own merry moments.
Read on to know more.

    1. Discipline
      If you have studied in convent schools, you know how stricter those days were. The teachers were strictly disciplined. You have to enter the school at the right time, gather at the proper time at the assembly, stand up whenever the teachers came in and follow their orders.
    2. Moral Values
      As a convent educated, you know the meaning of moral values very well. From the very first day, the teachers, or sisters, would inculcate kindness, selflessness, and honesty among the students. They would be very stern regarding showing respect to the elders and talk to everyone around you with kindness.
    3. School churches
      Every convent educated school has their own church where prayers were held. So, if you are an ex-convent student and visit some churches in the future, you are bound to have a déjà-vu by remembering how those days of assembly were and certain peacefulness which existed inside the church.
    4. Dress code
      If you have no problem with maintaining dress codes in your workplace or anywhere else you visit, then thank your convent educated days for it. The length of the skirt of a girl student was strictly mentioned inside the school diaries. A male student has to come in prim and proper ways too.
    5. Carols
      Carols were an important part of the convent school days; Christmas carols were not considered something exclusive. There were even carol singing competitions and those were the fun days you had.
    6. English
      A convent educated student is bound to be a grammar Nazi when it comes to writing and speaking English. It was also the only permitted language to be spoken inside the school premises. Fines and punishes were imposed if you failed to do so.

Now for the fun part is:

  1. You always wanted to know what were the lifestyles of the sisters were. A sister and a father talking to each other inside the school which were bound to be the gossip materials among your friends:P
  2. The school building was considered haunted and you and your friends would devise plans to uncover the truth. At many times, you concocted such stories which would sound to be so true that everyone used to believe that.
  3. You get friends for the lifetime. Your sisters would often tell you to be gentle and kind towards your friend and this moral education build the edifice of one of the strongest bonds.
  4. You would often take the name of God. Irrespective of your own religious orientations, whenever a crisis situation arrived, you would cross and pray to God.

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