8 Rakhi Sawant Looks That Will Make You Say WTF!. . .

Rakhi Sawant, who is better known as the ‘Controversy Queen’ is fond of being in news for whatever reasons. The actress has been away from the big screen from quite a long time and she surely knows how to stay in news. Every country has its own Kardashian and in India, Rakhi has earned this title without even competing. She has a whole wardrobe of outrageous outfits to flaunt. We have compiled a few pictures which will shock you and make you say WTF! Have a look.

  1. images.mid-day.com

    It seems like those leather pants are too tight for comfort! And with the red hat, she looks nothing more than a Christmas Tree.
  2. im.rediff.com

    This is what happens when you try to become Bappi Lahiri but you don’t have real gold.
  3. cdn.deccanchronicle.com

    When you are a die-hard fan of PM Narendra Modi’s fashion but you love your pink sling bag way too much!
  4. im.rediff.com

    The blingy pink color of the dress still looks fine but that Anarkali Topi on her head was really not needed. She looks more like a fancy seductive nurse!
  5. tollywood.net

    A black see-through top, pink colored hot pants and fish-net stockings, perhaps Rakhi wants to tell you that you should never wear all these together.
  6. im.rediff.com

    The color of her pant is just too much which is clearly not acceptable!
  7. filmymantra.com

    She loved those Red pants and insisted for a similar skirt, hence this look!
  8. youandi.com

    Just one thing to ask Rakhi for this-Why Rakhi, Why?

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