10 Rules For Taking Perfect Photographs. . .

How to take perfect photos? Well, there is no easy way to end up producing a masterpiece yet if you play by rules, you can sure achieve perfection. The key is to follow some fundamental principles of composition. Here are 10 rules to click photographs like a pro –

  1. The rule of thirds
    To obtain a perfect shot every time without much hassle, apply the rule of thirds. Place important parts of the shot along the lines and the most important where they intersect.  1brightside.me
  2. f/4
    Use f/4 as go-to aperture and you will never ever go wrong especially if you are using wide angle lens. It will bring out the subject and help it stand out. 2singletracks.com
  3. Click along the lines
    Use the naturally available lines to click pictures. When horizontal or diagonal lines are picked correctly, they result in great pictures. 3petapixel.com
  4. Use natural frames
    Make ample use of natural frames wherever you seem to find them such as windows or doors.
  5. Play with the background
    Try to find the contrast between the object of the photo and its background. You can adjust the exposure to bring out more depth.  5digital-photography-school.com
  6. Get in close
    Fill the frame by taking close pictures to ensure that the images are really popping.
  7. Focus on eyes
    Eyes of the subject can be depicted to show that they are following you. The key is to place either right or left eye at the center of the composition.
  8. Look for patterns
    Pattern photography utilizes elements that are repetitive and the main subject is the pattern itself. If you can find a pattern or repetition, they play with its contrast to bring it out. 8photography.tutsplus.com
  9. Symmetry
    Symmetrical photos are pleasing to the eye as they utilize the harmony between two halves.
  10. Use flash during the day
    Flash is not only meant to be used indoors or during the night. If you are going to shoot outdoor on an extremely bright day, switch on the flash. It will minimize the effect of extra exposure from the sun and fill in the ugly shadows as well. 10thedreamwithinpictures.com

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