12 Hidden Signs That You Are Depressed (And Don’t Know It). . .

According to the World Health Organization, more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. That’s almost 6 percent of the total global population. It is one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood ailments, as people often associate it with a consistent feeling of “sadness”. Truth to be told – depression is so much more than that. It is like drowning underwater when you can see everyone around you breathing.

Too many times, people don’t realize that they are depressed and try to run away from it instead of addressing the issue. Read on and try to analyze if you are also depicting some of these hidden signs associated with depression or not.

  1. You feel that there is something missing in your life…
    … But you can’t exactly describe it in words. It is like as if there is a hole in your stomach and you know that everyone can see through it. Nevertheless, you don’t know how to fill it in order to attain happiness or be content.
  2. You start to lose interest
    You no longer show interest to go out and meet your friends or do any physical activity. Gradually, you don’t feel like exercising or even playing outdoor games.
  3. You get angry or frustrated over small issues
    Lots of people don’t know that depression is closely linked to anger and frustration. If even a small and irrelevant issue makes you agitated, then consider it as an alarming sign.
  4. You become more secretive
    You start believing that no one wants to know about your life. The fear of being judged by others makes you a secretive person until it becomes a habit.
  5. Your sleeping pattern becomes inconsistent
    You either sleep too much or don’t sleep at all. People suffering from depression experience extreme insomnia or either feel like sleeping all day long.
  6. You feel drained out and tired all the time
    Sometimes, it requires the effort of a whole world for you to get up and take a shower. Even the smallest of physical activity drains your body entirely.
  7. You experience an unexpected change in appetite
    This is one of the most evident signs of depression. You would either start eating too much (out of anxiety) or would starve yourself (out of low self-esteem).
  8. Your body movement and cognitive thinking changes
    It has been observed that people who are suffering from depression tend to move at a slower pace. Not just your body movement, even the way you think would be slowed down.
  9. You feel anxious and restless most of the times
    Depression and anxiety are often associated together. If you feel like you are over-stressed, agitated, or restless all the time, then it could be a hidden sign of depression.
  10. You have trouble making decisions
    If you are having a low self-esteem, then you would find it hard to take a leap of faith or even stick to a major decision related to your life. It often leads to some serious mental illness.
  11. You blame yourself for everything
    There is a part of you that feels guilty for being happy. You think that you don’t deserve happiness and blame yourself for almost everything (even if you are not at fault). You find yourself apologizing to others way too many times because you think low of yourself.
  12. You feel nothing
    In the end, you just stop making an effort. Nothing seems to make sense as you decide to just pass through with different notions of life without actually living it. You think that giving up is way better than trying. Don’t fall into this trap and try to move past this feeling.

If you are also depicting these signs, then it is high-time you start taking care of your mental health. You might be going through one of the toughest battles of your life and there is no harm asking for help. Talk to your friends and family – let them know what you are going through. Seek the assistance of an expert and put yourself ahead of everything else. You can do it. I believe in you!

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