13 Comic Strips Reveal The Atrocities That A Woman Has To Go Through. . .

Being a woman is not an easy task. Even we talk about big things like a woman going into space, the woman leading a celebrated firm, woman doing things which make them equivalent to men, etc but in reality, we know it better that where a woman actually stands. All these women are doing exceptionally well but the life of a common woman is not that easy as it looks. After all, it not only about periods and makeup. These comics portray the simple problems of a woman through a magnifying glass with a pun.

  1. Dear junk food please let my stomach be in peace pinterest.com
  2. When I was a child I wanted to become a firefighter. Tender age with tender dreams pinterest.com
  3. Saving every penny for that MK Bag pinterest.com
  4. Does this happen with you too? pinterest.com
  5. Sadness is something we really know how to tackle pinterest.com
  6. School life feels a dream now pinterest.com
  7. Let us talk about social media or maybe lets not pinterest.com
  8. Decision making becomes messy sometimes pinterest.com
  9. How we wish that if we could go back once again! pinterest.com
  10. The challenging bra pinterest.com
  11. Worldly pleasures are mere illusions after all pinterest.com
  12. Scary movies sends chills down our spines pinterest.com
  13. Dieting? Naah not my cup of tea pinterest.com
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