You Won’t Be Able To Belive That These Masterpieces Are Actually Rocks. . .

Art is that form of expression which can be molded into any form one feels like. An artist with his/her creative mind and imagination can fill any non-living thing with life. Like we say that a farmer has a green thumb I refer creative people the ones who are blessed with a rainbow thumb. Below listed are creative wonder which has numerous forms but in real they are pieces of rock.

  1. Bismuth
    This rock was discovered by a German scientist in 1753. It is widely used in cosmetic industry. If we take a closer look it looks like a whole city is there in the rock.
  2. Azurite
    This looks like a beautiful accessory that women put on the head or like a broach.
  3. Opal
    They remind me of the marbles with which we use to play during childhood.
  4. Burmese Tourmaline
    Now, this is what we regard as exceptional.
  5. Chrysostom in Malachite
    French fries in a stone?
  6. Fluorite
    This dark purple color stone looks really classy.
  7. Pink Rhodochrosite
    Doesn’t this look like a chewing gum?
  8. Realgar on Calcite
    Drops of blood on a stone.
  9. Scolecite
    Looks like a mix of fur and cotton.
  10. This one looks exactly like a slice of watermelon

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