9 Things You Can Relate To If You Love Pizza More Than Anything In The World!. . .

Who needs a relationship when there is a pizza by your side? Every pizza obsessed person knows the feeling of eating the first bite of pizza with cheese burst. From young to old ones, pizza is hot favorite food choice of everyone. Even I’m drooling while writing about pizza and why not. Nobody can ever refuse to eat pizza no matter what time it is. Whether its midnight, your movie date or a party; you want to eat pizza all the time. If you are one of those crazy pizza lovers, then you’ll understand these 9 things which only pizza lovers face:

  1. You love pizza more than anything or anyone in this world and you can never compromise on this. giphy.com Because pizzas never hurt you and they’re always there whenever you need them.
  2. You spend most of your salary on buying pizzas and it gives you inner satisfaction. giphy.com Because pizza is your eternal love and you can do anything to get it.
  3. All your dates involves only Pizza; Cheese pizza, Chicken Pizza, Vegetable Pizza – You can eat all of it. giphy.com Pizza is your love and life. Your date is not complete without having pizza. But it also puts you in trouble as you can’t decide who to give more attention; pizza or your lover.
  4. Your movie nights are incomplete without pizza. giphy.com Only pizza can satisfy your midnight hunger craving when you are watching a movie.
  5. You get mad if your pizza is not loaded with lots of cheese. giphy.com Pizza is not a pizza without cheese. You get really mad if your pizza is not made according to your taste. Because you want it perfect!
  6. You even love t-shirts which has pizza printed on it. giphy.com From your shirts to PJ’s, you love the dresses that have pizza printed on it.
  7. That amazing feeling when you know that the pizza is coming. giphy.com And you cannot wait to have it in your mouth.
  8. Everyone advise you to stop eating pizza as you put a lot of weight because of it. giphy.com But it never bothers you as you love the way you are and won’t ever stop eating pizza no matter what people say about your weight.
  9. You trust pizza so much and know that it’ll never leave your side. giphy.com Everyone can leave you but it’s your pizza that always stays with you no matter what happens.

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