16 Reasons Why We All Need A F.R.I.E.N.D Like Phoebe In Our Life. . .

Let’s face it – Phoebe is one of the best characters written in the history of television. And no, I’m not exaggerating at all. She is a perfect blend of crazy and thoughtfulness (well, sometimes). We all can learn how to live our life to the fullest from her. Not only is she one of my favorite characters from the show, she is also the most interesting one as well. If you have a friend like Phoebe in your life, then you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Here’s what makes her such an amazing friend.

  1. Your life will be an unforgettable adventure with her. You can never get bored, with her being around. She can turn mundane into magical in no time. wifflegif.co
  2. She will never force you to be someone you are not. You can be the real you with her without the fear of being judged.3. She might not be the best lyricist, but she will always be there to lift your spirit with her entertaining (and original) songs. wifflegif.com
  3. She might not be the best lyricist, but she will always be there to lift your spirit with her entertaining (and original) songs. wifflegif.com
  4. She is as honest as a person can get. She won’t sugarcoat things for you or lie to give you a false hope. We all need a friend who can be upfront and honest without being judgmental. in.pinterest.com
  5. While she is all fun and frenzy, she can also be your “mommy” friend at times. She will help you whenever you are down, but will also be there to scold you every now and then. wifflegif.com
  6. She might not be book-smart, but she is street-smart for sure. She will always come up with the most feasible solution to your problems. wifflegif.com
  7. She has a heart of gold. Remember the time when she gave birth to triplets (without even keeping a single one of them). You can’t really compare that act of kindness with anything else in the world. yahoo.com
  8. Speaking of babies, she might not be good at cleaning their diapers, but she will always be there to make them laugh. She is a perfect aunt-material who will spoil your kids with all those tempting things. buzzfeed.com
  9. She will make you believe that every cloud has a silver lining. Whenever you would be sad, she will make you feel good about yourself. wifflegif.com
  10. Instead of being jealous, she will be a part of your happiness like a true friend. In fact, she will elevate your sense of happiness to a whole new level. wifflegif.com
  11. We all need a crazy friend who can speak their heart out without thinking of any consequence. Well, Phoebe is that crazy friend who doesn’t give a damn about what people think of her. wifflegif.com
  12. Her fashion sense is amazing. She can wear absolutely anything and still look fab! wifflegif.com
  13. Whenever things go out of hands, she won’t resist taking control of the situation. She will stop the madness, no matter how many times she has to scream out loud. wifflegif.com
  14. She is a queen of sarcasm and will give you some major conversation goals. wifflegif.com
  15. Her dance moves are quite lit as well. She is one of those friends who can be the life of a party in the most effortless way. giphy.com
  16. Most importantly, she will teach you that there is nothing wrong with being yourself (no matter how weird or crazy you are). You will start embracing your inner-crazy without having any second thoughts. wifflegif.com
  17. No matter how screwed up you are, she will always have your back. The more you know Phoebe, the more you realize that you don’t need money or any materialistic thing to have fun. All you need is a friend like Phoebe to make the most out of your life.Cover image source

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