15 Things Every Girl Who Is Dating A Guy Much Taller Than Her Can Relate To. . .

We girls just adore tall boys. There is something about them which makes them very attractive. No matter how short we are, we cannot resist to stare guys who are taller. Are you dating that amazing guy who is much taller than you? Then you’ll understand how each and everything about him is just so appealing. From his protective nature towards you to the piggybacks he gives to you; there are so many things to love about him. If you are that lucky girl who is dating a taller guy, then here are the 15 things which you can honestly relate to:

  1. There will always be a few girls who are eyeing your man and you literally hate them. I mean how could they?
  2. He calls you with all the cute names such as minion, donuts and teddy bear and you absolutely love it.
  3. People always make you realize that you are too short for your tall man.
  4. As you are much shorter than him, you always throw tantrums and he gets away with them every time.
  5. The best thing is, you never lose your man in the crowd as you can spot him from far away. Isn’t that cool?
  6. You have to ask him for help especially when you can’t get the things which are out of your reach. Because, short height!
  7. That annoying moment when he always touches your hair as he has an easy access to it.
  8. Having a bad moment? Your tall man provides the best headrest.
  9. He is your personal bodyguard and always protects you from everything. Perks of being a short girl!
  10. When he takes you out with his other tall friends and you feel like a kid among them.
  11. That moment when you have to turn your head up to look into his eyes as you are much shorter than him!
  12. When you have to run just to keep up with him because, you got little legs!
  13. You find it hard to buy anything for him because you’re not sure whether it would fit him.
  14. That awesome moment when he gives you a piggy back.
  15. Wearing high heels is no issue for you as you are going to look shorter anyway.

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