Acid Attack victim who underwent 17 surgeries and years of pain, has found her eternal love. . .

5 years of pain and 17 surgeries later, an acid attack survivor received her fair share of happiness by a wrong number.

In a world full of men with wings, seeing women fly without them gives hope and courage to the ones struggling. This is the story of another brave heart, Lalita Ben Bansiwho is a 26-year-old beautiful girl. She was attacked with acid by a cousin over family feud. This attack led to her complete face burn and 17 face surgeries. Life hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies for her but here to the hope that she never gave up on and her struggles literally paid back when she tied knot with love of her life.

This fairy tale which literally melted our hearts started with a “wrong number”. That’s absolutely right. Lalita,26 met Ravi Shankar, 27 over a call and over time they learnt more about one another and decided to get married, two months after falling in love with each other.
Dreamy much!

Vivek Oberoi who took the responsibility to pay for Lalita’s surgeries, was also there to bless the couple and gifted them a new house. The credit of couple’s attire goes to fashion designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla who made their event more special.
Here are the few more breathtaking moments from their wedding:

In an interview,Lalita said “Shankar taught me to believe in love”.
And the groom’s word “I liked her from the beginning. I had to only convince my mother to accept my choice. I had to make Lalita believe that she too had the right to a better life. Looks are a matter of time. I have seen gorgeous- looking people parting ways after years of marriage. I had always thought I would break the monotony.”

Now this is something we call 21st century “Relationship Goals”.


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