Here are 8 things you can relate to if you’re a music freak. . .

Are you the one who play a song over and over again just for one lyrical line that hits you right on your heart? Does your heartbeat get synchronized with the beat of music?Are you that music lover who doesn’t have to memorize any lyrics because they automatically stick to your brain and never leave I repeat “Never leave”.And if you’re the last resort for people who ask you to bring your music collection on almost every occasion, you’re the kind of person who lives for music. Music is your love and you cannot even imagine your life without it. If you are a crazy music lover, then here are the things which only you can relate to:

  1. Karaoke lord – You’ll get the title of “Karaoke Lord” from your family, friends and even acquaintances that get to spend more than a day with you
  2. Antakshari – No matter what’s cooking in their brains against you, they still want you in their team because it’s all about winning at the end of the day.
  3. Functionality and creativity issues – You’re simply not functional if music isn’t playing and best ideas hit anywhere when you’re surrounded by music not only in the loo:p
  4. Workplace problems – You simply hate it when colleagues ask you to focus on work and not on music as it might affect your performance.
    Music brings the best out of me brah. Okay?
  5. You respect music like no one else around you – Be it NFAK or Jagjit sing, Beatles or MJ, you know it all.
  6. People and pals may end up calling you old school because you’re inclined towards music from 80s and 90s.
    But they’ll eventually end up liking your choices and if brave enough they’ll end up telling you how amazing your choice is.
  7. You don’t have favorites and you want to kill people when they ask about you favorites.
    Every good song is my favorite I can’t hurt them by choosing one of them as favorite. Okay?
  8. You’ve got collection for almost every occasion which automatically gives you access to aux cable and right to play music of your own choice.
    You’re vocally proud of yourself for that. 😀

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