Geode Nail Art Is The Hottest Trend Right Now Which Girls Need To Follow. . .

We girls have been trying different nail art for ages. We get our nails done from professionals and sometimes we love to experiment at home after watching tutorials on Instagram. Recently, we have been seeing another amazing nail art trend which is going viral and every other girl seems to try it. This nail art is specifically for those who are madly in love with crystals and bling. So are you ready to paint your nails with crystals, pastels, glitters and magical shades? Then explore with us the newest Geode nail art trend which is currently in fashion. We’ve rounded up some favorite looks and these are definitely going to make your nails look absolutely beautiful.

  1. Decorate your Geode nails while keeping them minimal. Create this design on half of your nails with 3 color nail paints and glitter and see the magic.
  2. Try this beautiful design and add some crystals on your nails for a perfect Geode art.
  3. You don’t have to go OTT with your nail art. Try this minimal design at home keeping sparkling crystals on two nails, glitter dots on other two while keeping one nail bare like in the picture.
  4. Matte Geode nails look equally amazing like others. Create a sparkling design on one nail while putting matte paint on all other nails.
  5. These are not any gemstones but similar design created on nails. Try this sparkling gemstone art with glitter and a gold outline.
  6. We girls love opal and love to wear them in our jewelry. But have you every thought of creating opal nails? if not yet, then try this creative Geode design on your nails.
  7. Geode nails come in all kinds of design and colors. Here is another gorgeous nail and lip art in emerald and gold.
  8. Marble nails never go out of fashion. Try creating this look at home or go to salon if you want exactly same design as shown in this picture.
  9. How about this gorgeous manicure used with gold glitter?
  10. Amethyst Geode nails – one of the beautiful nail art you’d ever see.
  11. Rocks and minerals geode nail art to make your nails look super amazing and stunning.
  12. Don’t they look like cute colorful stones that have been cut in half?

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