13 Gorgeous Engagement Rings For The Girls Who Want Something Unique From Their Partners. . .

Getting engaged is such an exciting yet confusing part of life, you’re excited to start the new chapter of your life and you’re confused because you want to have the best of everything on your big day be it your dress, the hair and makeup and of course “The Ring”.Shopping for an engagement ring can be a little exhausting because you can never have enough engagement ring ideas for your significant other.Even if you already have an engagement ring, it’s always a joy to see the new trends. So here’s a little help from us to feast your eyes on the latest and greatest beauties we found.

  1. A tiara Ring to seal the deal on any proposal because everyone deserves a princess treatment on their engagement. pinterest.com This ring is perfect for women who appreciate gold color.
  2. Nothing can be more romantic pick for an engagement ring than this flattering pink hue. pinterest.com With a bid diamond heart, the ring sparkling from all angles looks gorgeous.
  3. Ruby and diamond cushion ring can never be a dull moment for hand and eyes. pinterest.com Because ruby is never out of trend.
  4. If you are the type who keep things simple and classic, traditional single stone and plain band ring will never disappoint you. pinterest.com These rings never fail to show off the beauty of the precious stone you pick.
  5. For nature Lovers these floral style rings are ultimate way to go. pinterest.com
  6. This ring resembles a flower with single diamond in the center, and you can always opt for leaf patterns along the band. pinterest.com You can flaunt this stone in a variety of cuts and don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your engagement ring.
  7. For all the emerald lovers, this is the perfect ring set for your engagement. Pair your emerald ring with a diamond band for a classier look. pinterest.com
  8. Pearls never go out of fashion. Add little pearls in your engagement ring for a perfect statement look. pinterest.com Take care of her choice and make her realize that she is loved!
  9. To all the girls who love opals! Get your man to get this gorgeous opal and rose gold ring for your big day. pinterest.com
  10. Diamond and sapphire bands; such a classier combination for your engagement. pinterest.com Boys, choose this for your love and she’ll never say NO to you.
  11. How about this cute bohemian style droplet ring for the girls who want to wear something unique? thebohemianwedding.com
  12. This twin diamond ring with gold band is a perfect example of class and elegance! pinterest.com Get this for your girl and she is absolutely going to love it!
  13. This three ring set is the prettiest you can ever have. The combination of solitaire fire opal, turquoise band with moonstones ring is the perfect engagement ring set to wear! pinterest.com

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