No Ice Cream Lover Can Miss These Facts!. . .

From chocolaty Magnum to crunchy Cornetto, Ice Creams are one of the best discoveries ever made in human history (who doesn’t like it, duh!). Just like its messy yet tasty feature, Ice cream has a long history, exciting present and glorious future on earth. Let’s check out few things about Ice-Cream that you must know to call yourself an ‘Ice-cream junkie’:

  1. It’s been favorite since ages!
    From Marco Polo to King Charles, everyone had the pleasure to taste this delicious summer treat. Though China is credited to introduce us to Ice Cream, the ancestors of Ice Cream had known to exist in the world since 5th BC in form of a Greek dessert made with ice, honey and fruits.
  2. Why it’s called ‘Ice Cream’?
    History has no known facts as to that coined the term, but it is assumed that this treat was derived from the words ‘sweet cream’ and ‘ice’. Hence, just like ‘Iced Tea’, it’s called ‘Ice Cream’.
  3. So many different flavors can’t pick one!
    Ice Cream is so lovable to humans that they probably try to fuse it with anything they can eat! Hence it’s unthinkable as to how many flavors of Ice Cream exist till now. But you can definitely say there are basically ten types of Ice Cream.
    Hard (the usual one), soft, French-style, Italian Gelato, Light Ice, Fat-free, Organic, are few of the popular types of Ice Cream.
  4. What is it exactly made of?
    The most basic type of ice cream is made of milk and/or cream, sugar and/or sweetener and sometimes eggs. The basic difference between Ice Cream and other frozen desserts is the usage of ingredients.
    Treats like ‘Kulfi’, ‘Frozen Yogurt’, ‘Popsicle’, ‘Halo-Halo’, ‘Sherbet’, ‘Sorbet’ and more are actually frozen desserts.
  5. The man who tastes ice cream
    Becoming an Ice Cream-taster is like getting a dream job, isn’t it? An Ice Cream-taster working in a busy Ice Cream brand taste 10-20 different flavors a day on an average. Professional Ice Cream-tasters earn anywhere between $40,000 to $1,00,000 annually.
    It might sound tempting, but they have to follow a rigorous check involving tempering, spooning, visual appearance, aroma and so on to give best results (some of them are even provided with gold spoons to get accurate results!). John Harrison, one of the greatest Ice Cream-taster had his tongue insured for $1 million.
  6. It’s not cheap!
    Ever heard of Serendipity’s ‘Frrrozen Haute Chocolate’, which is officially the most expensive ice cream in the world?
    It cost $25,000 (just one sundae), which is served with 5 gm of 23 karat gold ingredients in a rare gold goblet and 18-karat diamond bracelet as a souvenir. While ‘Black Diamond’ by Dubai’s “Scoopi Café” costs $817 a scoop, served freshly with 23-karat edible gold flakes in a matching Versace Bowl.Some Quick Facts:
    1. Though Americans are the biggest fans of Ice Creams, it is Australians that consumes Ice Cream most in the world.
    2. Vanilla may be the best Ice Cream flavor, but according to Statistics report, Cookies N’ Cream is the most favorite flavor in the world.
    3. The list of worst flavors can be long but ‘Lox Ice Cream’, ‘Yazoo sue’, ‘Horseradish’ are few of the weirdest flavors ever made in the world.
    4. Museum Of Ice Cream is a fun place to get all into Ice Cream mood!

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