Hilarious New Mom Memes To Give You A Good Laugh. . .

Being a mom is a full-time job and it is difficult, more difficult than anything you have imagined. Moms have to be kind and compassionate always, but they may be cursing in their heads. Ladies, we all have to be there some day or the other.. And if you are not planning to be there anytime soon, Congratulations!! You are having a gala time for the time being! Here are some of the new mom memes that will make you roll on the floor and laugh.

  1. When I see another mom with her screaming toddler in the store.
    If you are a mom you will know that, your kid will scream and cry only at the most embarrassing places. If you are at the grocery store, they will cry in the billing queue and you will have to get them the chocolates they ask. And other moms totally get it!!
  2. How I feel when my kids don’t eat
    New moms find it difficult to adjust to the new life with kids, they cook, they work and then they feed the kids. But kids are kids and the moment food is brought to them, they say I don’t want or I don’t like it.
  3. No makeup, no Money, no sleep, no life
    After the baby is born it seems like the baby is sucking away all the money that moms used to blow on their makeup and buying expensive clothes. Moms have got no time for themselves and the new moms now know that, if you get sleep you should be thankful to God.
  4. When your kids are all losing their mind and you gotta connect to Jesus so that you don’t do anything stupid.
    There are moments when moms lose it. They want to just run away or own a time machine to time travel. Kids make it very difficult sometimes and give moms a minor heart attack. At that exact moment, moms want to go to a corner so that they connect to God and God prevents them from doing anything stupid.
  5. When you clean the kitchen and ten minutes later it is full of dishes
    Moms end up becoming maids after the baby is born. They have no peace whatsoever. The clothes and dishes keep piling up as if it was magical and the work starts becoming never ending.
  6. Both of us can’t look good at the same time, it’s me or the house
    New moms have a tough time managing the house and the kids, their homes are messy and when you enter a house that has a kid, you know that the house has a kid looking at the mess and the toys that surround the home.
  7. All things lost are mostly found by the kids
    The kids are the ones who help moms find things that they hide. Kids hide things and when you ask them, they either do not understand or they don’t tell you. But one fine day when you have given up, they bring you the things that you have been looking for days.

If you are a mom and you can relate to this, pour yourself a glass of wine and let us know your other encounters with the little ones.

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