10 easy and delicious Oreo recipes to keep you content!. . .

Oreo is undoubtedly the favourite cookie of all the people out there. To increase your Oreo pleasure we are here to tell you that there are numbers of delicious Oreo recipes which can give you the exact “foodgasm” you need. They are super-quick and easy to make.

Let us see 10 such recipes whereby you can turn your Oreo cookies into something delicious and lip smacking.

  1. Oreo Peanut Butter Pie Cups
    When you mix peanut butter and Oreo, it is going to taste heavenly. You add cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, cream peanut butter, Oreo cookies and heavy whipping cream to make this dessert.
  2. Oreo Cookie Bread Pudding
    Nothing can get better than bread pudding accompanied with Oreo cookies. You need eggs, sugar, and vanilla, butter, Oreo cookies, milk and bread to make this dish.
  3. Oreo Popcorn
    This one may sound odd but this one too tastes damn good. You take some crushed Oreo cookies and add to them your popcorn along with some chocolate chips.
  4. Double Stuff Oreo Pancakes
    If you want to start your day with your favourite cookies, then this is the one of the best things you can have in the morning. To prepare this dish you need flour, baking soda, baking powder, cocoa, egg, vanilla, sugar, heavy cream, whole milk, and buttermilk.
  5. Deep Fried Oreo
    Dip the Oreo in a batter of egg, milk and vegetable oil and then fry in the hot oil. You get a dish of delicious deep fried Oreo if you want to do a cheat meal.
  6. Oreo Strawberries n Cream
    This is one dish you cannot say no; moreover, you can have it whenever you want. Take some fresh strawberries along with ¼ cup cream cheese and thin Oreos and blend them together. Your dish is prepared.
  7. Oreo Pudding Pops
    This dish is pretty easier to make. Take a bowl of pudding mix and mix it with milk. Mix a handful of crushed cookies into the mix and then pour it out in a cup. Top the pudding with the remaining crushed cookies.
  8. Oreo Milkshake
    If you love ice cream and Oreo, it’s time to blend the two and make a delicious dish. Take at least 3 scoops of your favourite ice cream and place them in a blender. Add Oreo cookies to it. Blend them properly so that no lump is formed. Pour them into a glass and enjoy your favourite milkshake.
  9. Oreo Cake
    Melt butter first. Crush cookies, take some and keep the rest aside for later use. Take a bowl, blend cream cheese and sugar together on medium heat along with the crushed Oreos. After that cool them and cut them into pieces with rest of the crushed Oreos as toppings.
  10. Oreo Banana Peanut Butter Treats
    Take atleast 3-4 bananas and mix it with crushed Oreos, peanut butter, and cream. Finish it off with multi-colored sprinkles.

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