8 Actors Who Unfortunately Died Young. . .

The recent death of Sonika Chauhan who was a popular model and a prime time TV host made people realise how much uncertain death is. Bollywood as well as Hollywood stars are seen on silver screens playing a larger role in their reel lives than they do in their real life. These stars jump from buildings, climb moving trains and do the most impossible things where imagination is another name of reality. Their lives is still a mystery for many people out there. But though being such huge stars they are human beings and as we know death is inevitable, there are these few Bollywood as well Hollywood actors who we lost at a very young age:

  1. Paul Walker
    Paul Walker well known for his role in The Fast And Furious series died at the young age of 40. His death was caused due to the collision of his car Porsche with a lamppost which his friend was driving on 30 November 2013 in Los Angeles. Irony is the guy who immensely loved cars, died because of collision of one.
  2. Smita Patil
    Smita Patil was Bollywood’s epitome of talent and beauty. Recipient of PadmaShri and winner of two National Awards, Smita Patil was very actively working towards up liftment of women. However the actress who had a promising career ahead of her, died at the age of 31 because of childbirth complications.
  3. Divya Bharti
    It is still not certain whether Divya Bharti’s death was an accident or a suicide. She was just 19 when she fell to her death from her 5-storey apartment. She was anticipated to be the next super-star of Bollywood and was married to Sajid Nadiadwala.
  4. Jiah Khan
    Jiah Khan of Nishabd and Ghajini fame was found dead at her apartment in Juhuon June 2013. She was only 25 then. Her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi was arrested immediately on basis of allegations found against him in a six paged suicide note.
  5. Heath ledger
    Heath Ledger who is still better known as “Joker” was an outstanding Oscar winning actor. His death is said to be a cause of accidental over-dosage. He died on 22 January 2008 at the age 28.
  6. Brittany Murphy
    Brittany Murphy well known for her character in Clueless died on 20 December 2009.According to reports she was found lying dead in her bathroom and the cause was due to pneumonia followed by a cardiac arrest. Her death was still clueless and she was only 32 when she died.
  7. Marilyn Monroe
    Hollywood’s much loved Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom in August 1962 when she was just 36. Her death raised many questions which are still unanswered. But the autopsy report says that she died because of Barbiturate overdose.
  8. Taruni Sachdev
    Taruni Sachdev who is well known as the Rasna girl, died due to a plane crash in Nepal in the year 2012.This little girl was only 14 years then and she was popular for various advertisement and had done Films too. Taruni had done a wonderful job in the movie Paa starring Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

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