7 Signs That You Love Food Even More Than People. . .

We are surrounded by different kinds of people around us. Someone might be a social geek or maybe a dog lover. But then there are those people who are such foodoholics that they can’t imagine going 2-3 hours without a meal.Food is meant to be delicious and there is no such person who has gone into depression by eating a pizza. Food is an integral part of everyone’s life but these people take it to another level and you may belong to one of them if have some of these signs.Here are few signs that prove that you love food a lot, even more than some people:

  1. If your better half isn’t into food, you are not with them!
    You are a one such person who can live without a date but not without proper food. You don’t want to hear someone go on about calories and fat every time you are about to indulge in something. You might be someone who thinks “who needs love”, when you can get that very feeling from your food.
  2. Your social media is completely filled with food items
    Your Instagram page is filled with 80% of food stuff and that shows exactly who you are. You are seen a die-hard food lover and whenever you go try something new or interesting, you have to share it with the world. And not only Instagram, your every social media profile shows your love for food. Your plate is the most attractive thing for you and it always deserves an Instagram story.
  3. Buffets are always your first love
    For you unlimited food is nothing less than heaven and so buffet is the first thing that comes to mind. Your mind goes like “Ahhh!…When buffet is around what else do I need!” You can’t help but do a little dance gig on thinking about buffet.
  4. Your search history is filled up with various restaurants
    What stands out in your search history is the quantum of restaurants and cafe searches. You do not leave a chance to check out a review of any new place on social media and then checking it out for yourself.
  5. Dating someone just because they know how to cook
    There is a saying that money can’t buy love but yes food can be a path to someone’s heart.The best way to reach someone’s heart is through their stomach. Before dating someone, you find out how much of food lover the person is.
  6. The first thing you talk about is food
    Because food is always on your mind.When someone asks you about your day, you automatically relate it with the food you had till then. Your meals for the day decide how your day was. You are capable of bringing the topic of food out of nowhere and stick to it for hours and hours.
  7. You can never eat too much
    There is nothing like too much of food for you. You are never too full and you are always open to eating more.
  8. You create fantasies about food
    Once you are bored from work or have nothing to do you start wondering what to cook or what new dish you are going to make . You imagine varieties of delicious dishes and are eagerly waiting to move to the kitchen and make it. You have probably bookmarked several new dishes to try out.

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