10 Hippie Destinations In The Himalayas For The Wanderluster In You. . .

India is known for its hippie culture for centuries. They are the best to refresh you and what can be better than going to the Himalayas for that. We have curated a list of 10 ultimate hippie destinations in the Himalayas to have the trip of a lifetime. You can immerse yourself in trance, lose yourself to the mountain ranges and the sparkling market and whatnot. The list is endless, so here we go –

  1. Kasol
    If you haven’t been to Kasol, you haven’t lived. The place is peaceful and away from the humdrum. It is a beautiful hamlet nestled in the green slopes of valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The place is known for its natural beauty and offbeat travelers.
  2. Malana
    Malana is a mysterious destination that has kept its door shut to modern civilization since time immemorial. The place is known for the cultivation of hashish and that’s how the villagers earn. You might need special permits to enter this village’s boundaries.
  3. Nubra Valley
    Magic is the word for Nubra. You can plan your trip to Nubra from Malana as well. There is so much to explore – stunning mountains, raw beauty and its famous blue lake.
  4. Gangtok
    The capital city of Sikkim is situated in the Eastern Himalayan range. You will love the hippie culture here that attracts the flock of tourists every year. The place is shopper’s paradise with marijuana t-shirts, dreadlocks, colored hair, yoga pants and more.
  5. Mcleodganj
    Mcleodganj is home to the largest Tibetan settlement in India and not to mention tourists around the globe. The place is loved for its blissful vibes, captivating views and all things hippie.
  6. Kalga
    You can reach Kalga from Kasol easily by trekking or via local transport. The place lies in the Parvati Valley and is not alone in promoting the hippie culture. The nearby villages, Pulga and Tulga form a ‘trio’ with Kalga to host hippies and fun celebrations around New Year.
  7. Vashisht
    Vashisht is famous for its hot springs yet its charm for hippie culture can’t be denied. It is full of some amazing cafés, short trek nearby and local souvenirs.
  8. Old Manali
    Old Manali is the place to be for hippies. In fact, it was on the trail of original hippie culture back in 1960. Old Manali is less commercialized as compared to New Manali and is great for exploring food and culture.
  9. Mawlynnong
    Blessed with the fascinating culture, this small village is situated in Meghalaya. It has also been credited as the cleanest village in Asia. This place is perfect for your hippie self to connect with nature in the truest sense.
  10. Rishikesh
    Situated in the foothills of Himalayas, this place is all about Yoga, hippies, and holy men. The Ganges create calming atmosphere which is perfect for a laid-back vacation.

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