7 Uncanny Similarities Between Narendra Modi and Amrendra Bahubali. . .

Bahubali 2, a film by S. S. Rajamouli that is breaking all records and creating history depicted the story of a King named Amrendra Bahubali and his emperor Mahishmati. The character of Amrendra Bahubali was very impressive and the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with the character. However it didn’t go unnoticed that there are some uncanny similarities between both the inspiring leaders. Here are few of them:

  1. The style of taking oath

    If you have seen Bahubali 2 you would get to see that the aggression Prabhas aka Amrendra Bahubali has shown in taking oath for his kingdom and the people residing there is similar to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The way of speaking, the truth in their words, their dedication towards their work and the love and affection for his own people are way to much similar.

  2. They have kept their mother above everything
    Amrendra Bahubali has played the role of a very obedient son in Bahubali 2 and his first priority is always his mother in any situation. He always seeks his mother’s blessing before doing any activity. And here in real life Narendra Modi as well considers his mother above everything and always takes his mothers blessing before any task undertaken. They have shown that no matter where life takes you, a mother is irreplaceable.
  3. Women’s Safety is a priority
    The scene where Amendra Bahubali goes against his mother and brother in support of the treatment his wife Devsena received was much appreciated. It shows how those who offend women should be treated. Narendra Modi till date has brought various changes in support for women. Similarly, no matter what situation, justice has always been shown by Narendra Modi towards women and their safety.
  4. Both of them are religious
    Amrendra Bahubali has been shown very religious in this movie but in real life also Narendra Modi is a religious person. He is known to pray to God before doing any auspicious work. Modi believes that he is blessed because he never fails to take blessings of God and his mother.
  5. The famous move ‘ The Surgical Strike’
    The Surgical Strike was a well-planned step taken by Narendra Modi and was a very impressive one. Amrendra Bahubali in the same way plans ahead to save his empire and the people with different techniques and saves his people in a very proud manner.
  6. Taking their commitments sincerely
    In the movie all the commitments promised by Amrendra to his people have been accomplished. Similarly our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is forever working towards fulfilling his commitments and keeping his promises.
  7. Popularity among their people
    The people screaming “Bahubali, Bahubali” in the movie and the people screaming “Modi, Modi” in the grounds while the leaders are taking their oaths or greeting their crowd is very similar. It shows how much popularity they have gained and how much belief their people have in them.

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