18 Weird Bollywood Celebrities’ Photos of All Time That Are Really Embarrassing. . .

We all remember 90s era because of some amazing movies and classic songs it has given to us. Not only this, we always adore the actors and actresses who won our hearts in 90s through their unforgettable performances. From Sri Devi’s acting in ‘Suhagan’ to Madhuri’s dressing in ‘Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun’, everything became highlight in those days. Apart from movies, what caught our attention were those big Hairdos, bright makeup and colorful dresses of celebrities of tinsel town. Talking about photo shoots, we have seen some flawless magazine covers from 90s but at the same time, we have witnessed some photos that were absolutely ridiculous. Here we are going to share with you some of the most embarrassing photos from 90s that will literally blow your mind:

  1. What made them do this photo shoot while being all paper wrapped? Like seriously?
  2. Two stunning actresses Rekha and Kajol spotted in a weird photo on a cover of magazine. We want to know why they did something like that.
  3. What was he trying to show here? His hairy chest or his weird pose? You decide.
  4. Pooja Bhatt loves to be in headlines and here she proved it once again with this questionable photo shoot.
  5. Hairy and skinny body with undies, does that make you look hot? Hell NO.
  6. We don’t need to say anything here as this picture says it all.
  7. Shakti Kapoor flaunting his body in this pose looks extremely awkward.
  8. We can tell from the expressions how Jeetendra was feeling in this photo with Sri Devi.
  9. Who even came up with the idea of such an awkward pose and how were these two okay to do it?
  10. Aditya Pancholi going nude for one of his photo shoots. And we must admit that he doesn’t look cool at all.
  11. When muscular and toned body was not very much in trend those days and here is the proof.
  12. Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan in his imperfect pose with this beauty Juhi Chawla
  13. They didn’t know what the difference between sexy and trashy is.
  14. This is the most awkward sight we didn’t really want to see!
  15. Throwback to the time when Rekha ji decided to place a Diwali cracker on her head for a photo shoot.
  16. They captured this photo while she was testing which deo he put on!
  17. OK we cannot even imagine what was going on when this photo was being taken.

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