This New Floral Eyeliner Beauty Trend Is Taking The Internet By Storm. . .

We all love applying eyeliners don’t we? From winged shape to cat eye to Arabic style liner, we have tried them all. Some girls opt for black color eyeliner while others prefer to play with colors. But have you ever thought of applying a colorful floral eye liner? Yes we are right. Instagram is going crazy with this new tattooed like floral eyeliner which every girl wants to try. These vibrant floral eye liners are perfect to brighten up your gloomy day. We are going to show you 12 of the super gorgeous floral eye liner styles which you can try on your eyes and look super stunning:

  1. How about this gorgeous floral art matched with green eyeliner? It looks like a cute flower garden on eyes.
  2. If you don’t want to go over the top, then decorate the edges of your eye liner with small flowers just like this girl.
  3. Do you love applying bright colors on your eyes? Next time try drawing purple and white flowers on your eyes for a perfect statement look.
  4. For the girls who want to keep this floral art minimal, this classy eyeliner style will look perfect on you.
  5. This girl looks super gorgeous with the unique flowery eyeliner she has put on while keeping everything else minimal.
  6. Forget your usual black eyeliner and instead, draw this one floral line on your eyes and look gorgeous as ever.
  7. Blue eye liner never goes out of fashion. This time, instead of putting up straight blue eyeliner, draw little flowers in blue and white to enhance your look.
  8. Get creative by adding tiny purple flowers on your black winged eyeliner.
  9. How adorable are these pastel flowers on the thick black eye liner? Color your bottom eyelid with light blue eye pencil for a refreshing look.
  10. This lady has totally nailed it by making her eyeliner fun and colorful.
  11. This floral eyeliner looks super cool and any girl can easily pull it off.
  12. Turn your eyelids into a stunning flower garden with blue eyeliner and colorful little flowers.
  13. You can mix and match any color you want on your eyes and we bet that you’ll completely rock it.
  14. Draw roses and leaves on your eyes for a simple yet elegant look!
  15. You can also add gold touch along with little flowers on your eyes.
  16. Decorate the corner of your eyes with the cute flowers just like this girl!

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