5 Types Of Guys That Women Should Avoid. . .

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking about compatibility or hot quotient. We’re not outnumbering everyone on your dating list, but some traits are worth to check before heading for the next date. These red flags are enough to save you from pain when things go wrong. There are no Mr. Perfects, and you know that, right? But surely, there are men who you certainly don’t want to end up your love life with!

  1. Misogynist:

    When you “often” hear statements like “my exes were psycho bitches”, “show me respect”, “I’m the controller”, “You won’t understand, you’re a woman”, etc. you know it’s time to step out immediately.
    It might happen that your guy is unaware about his ‘misogynist’ factor. These articles by Everyday Feminism and Lovepanky can help you spot such men.

    Either he’ll be the toxic lover or worst nightmare, the choice is yours darling!
  2. Narcissist:

    Do you know that NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is also found in men? Well, that’s what science says!
    Too-much selfies, ‘no-apology’ mantra, ‘let-me-do-the-talking’, “it’s all about me”, ‘so what if I’m late!’, unreasonable demands, anger, constant attention, etc. all hints to say “NO boy, I’m fine without you.”

    Chances are that you will end up into a hectic relationship. It can be difficult to spot them initially, so do keep the checklist in your mind suggested by Huffing ton Post.

  3. The Invincible Pathological Liars:

    Do we need to put up more reasons for this? Honey, you need to get rid of these liars ASAP, because sooner or later, you will end up counting what’s the worst lie he ever told you.

    We all lie about something or other at some point, but we’re talking about extremes here. It starts with small lies, and can be difficult to get rid of. But Ekman’s thumb rule can help: “In the first half hour [of meeting someone], if I want to invite them home for dinner, I watch out!” he says. That means their charm, a characteristic of liars, may have worked its devilish magic.

  4. The Ambition-less guy:

    We all have ambitions, dreams, and hopes for our future. Do you really want to spend your time with a lazy bum as we know you’re pretty serious (we assumed :-)) about your goals, right?
    Eat, play, watch, sleep, repeat. That’s their ‘busy’ schedule. Job-hunting is a different thing and “don’t need a job” is damn freaking, girl!

    Get yourself out before he makes you super-lazy, and holds you back from achieving your dreams.
  5. The Re bounder:

    There are men who want to date just to forget his ex. Needless to say, this does not mean he is ready for another relationship. They may be emotionally devastated and just needs a shoulder to cry on. Or maybe even a booty call.

    Moreover, if he’s still friends with his ex, it’s all the more reason to drop him from your date. You surely don’t want to date a man with baggage and issues.
    What’s your ‘no-type’, girl? Do let us know and share this with your besties!

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