Tips to keep your long distance relationship strong. . .

This too shall pass! That’s the anthem for you along with these few pointers:

  1. Communicate Open and Clear
    No, we are not saying to text or call each other randomly as you may both be busy. What we are saying is to have honest and direct communication over any issue that matters to either of you. Talk about it clearly so there is no miscommunication and misunderstanding among you two.
  2. Always be positive
    Many couples think that long distance relationships sound the death knell of their future together. But instead of thinking negatively about it, you should consider this as an opportunity to bring you two closer.
  3. Be clear about your expectation
    As a person, you have a lot of expectations from your partner. Be vocal and clear about what you want or don’t want in your relationship or what you expect from your partner. Don’t sound bossy while you say this, but be friendly.
  4. Don’t neglect dirty talk
    Your partner is the one with whom you feel the most comfortable mentally and physically. You exchange sexual tensions with your partner and that is what keeps your relationship healthy and strong. Never let this tension die down. That is why send each other dirty texts- flirtatious or provocative and that will work wonder.
  5. Be clear about your life goals
    This is extremely important as this will help your partner to reshape his/her life goals too. If you are the one who likes to work hard and travel the world and your partner enjoys sitting in the house on weekends, then this is not going to work. Both of you needs to be vocal as to what you want before things go wary.
  6. Exchange hobbies and fun
    One of the best ways to stop your relationship from getting bored is to have fun often. Recommend books, movies to each other, dedicate songs, send videos to watch, tag each other on social media memes. These will give you two the topics to talk about giving you a feeling of closeness.
  7. Surprise Gifts
    Since you know the likes and dislikes of your partner, sending a surprise gift will be a fun. A handwritten card or letter complimenting each other for being a part of their life is a sure way to keep your relationship strong.
  8. Plan a visit
    Make sure to visit each other after yearning to do so for long. The moments you share will make your relationship stronger. Spend qualitative time with each other as much as possible.
  9. Give space
    Don’t go over the top with your communication; give each other space. Indulge in some me-time or spend some time with your family and friends whenever you are free. This will give your relationship a new breath of life. There is no need to involve your partner in everything you do or else he/she may feel claustrophobic.
  10. Be honest with each other
    Honesty has never killed anyone. So being honest will not ruin your relationship; it will give your partner the trust he/she wants from you. If you are insecure about something, honestly tell your partner.

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