Best Maxi Dresses For Your Next Beach Holiday. . .

Well, the first thing that comes to our minds when planning for beach holidays are the clothes that we plan to wear, and almost immediately our minds drift to all the sexy bikinis and short dresses. But take a look at all these amazing maxi dresses before taking a final call. Some of these would definitely make it to your beach wardrobe no matter what your size is!

Maxi dresses are the new ‘in-thing’ and are changing the fashion statement for many. They give you a unique style and grace, along with saving your sexy legs with the deep tan of the sun. Here are some types of maxi dresses to make your beach holiday more interesting:

  1. Printed Maxi Dress
    Be it a dress with short sleeves, strap sleeves or no sleeves, printed dresses always give you a light and flowy look. A floral print would set in perfectly with the beach vibes.
  2. Bohemian Style Maxi Dress
    Bohemian style refers to a particular line of patterns and prints inspired by the country Bohemia. They are generally very colorful with bright shades and tend to set the mood right for a vacation.
  3. Maxi Dress with Slits
    A dress can have a slit on one side or both the sides of your thighs. It makes walking on the beach much easier and gives a good exposure to your sexy legs. And believe it or not, but sometimes all it takes is a slit to make all the heads turn your way!
  4. Pleated Maxi Dress
    These are generally the free-flow kinds of dresses and can be worn with or without a belt. The soothing breeze on the beaches can be completely enjoyed with the dress flowing away and giving you no weights on your shoulders.
  5. High-Low Maxi Dress
    As the name suggests, these dresses have a higher cut in the front and they flow lower at the back side. These dresses are quite a unique combination of comfort and style. And the looks of these dresses are never too far behind too.
  6. Wrap Style Maxi Dress
    The best part about these dresses is that you can always have one of your sizes and do not need to buy a new one with the change in size. You can adjust the degree of exposure of your neck. Also, it gives you the additional slit and we already know how well that works out, right?
  7. Backless Maxi Dress
    I don’t think there is any convincing required to make you include a backless dress in your beach collection because you know what they say- flaunt it when you’ve got it!
  8. Sheer Maxi Dress
    These are short dresses and bikinis disguised as maxi dresses. While short dresses and bikinis are mainstream, a sheer maxi dress can give you a different look with the same level of ease and comfort.

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