Is smartphone ruining your relationship?. . .

How many of us can live without a smartphone? Duh, it’s stupid! (First answer that pops in your head, right?) Do you know that smartphone addiction can cause techno phobia, selfie-elbow, tech-neck, dry eye and other digital deformities? Apart from these physical damages, it can create a lot of mental trauma as well.
Many of us would utter “I’m not addicted”. Sure it has made your life super-easy but the excess of anything is toxic. If you think your smartphone is not a problem in your relationships, yet it’s worth checking out why you can be wrong (or correct).

  1. Do you often check your phone every 10 or 30 minutes?
    Okay, breathe in. And let’s accept it. You’re suffering from higher stress levels compared to others. According to the report American Psychological Association, people who stare at their smartphone screens throughout the day has higher stress levels than those who are not glued to their smartphone screens all day.
    Now, is stress good for your relationship, or even for you? No way, people!
  2. Do you stay connected 24 X 7?
    Yes, millions of us love to keep themselves online all time of the day. Is this affecting your relationship? Let’s put it this way:
    It didn’t matter much how much a person used their device, but how much a person needed their device do matter. In other words, people get jealous of their partner’s smartphone. “I’m more likely to think my relationship is doomed the more I believe my partner needs that thing,” explains Matthew Lapierre, assistant professor in the department of communication at the University of Arizona, who authored the study with his former undergraduate student Meleah Lewis. “It’s not use; it’s the psychological relationship to that device.”
  3. Do you spend the holiday with your family and friends or social media?
    Most of the time, we’re busy updating our status, taking those ‘perfect’ selfies or posting our meals.
    The truth is smartphones and social media has not only ruined our big holidays but even micro-holidays. Why not just turn that thing off for a while and enjoy a good, hearty day with friends and family!
  4. Is your partner jealous of your smartphone?
    If your partner is lately getting irritated with your smartphone, the sole reason would be, you giving less attention to your ‘real’ world.
    It’s just a way to connect with your ‘partner’, not your whole partner! So, take your eyes off from your virtual world and start focusing them on your real, live world.
  5. Do you check your smartphone even while having important talks with your partner or even friends?
    It’s all Dopamine to blame! It is a neurotransmitter which is closely connected to the motivation-reward parts of the brain, as well as the stimulation of pleasure and pain responses. Your smartphone provides you a dopamine hit for your brain.
    It makes you feel excited and proud about your acceptance in the world. But honey, it’s ruining your important talks too! Keep them away from your reach when you want to have a real talk. The World can wait.

An article by Jamila Rizvi can really help you to get started on this mission of save-relationship-from-smartphone. Hope you have a cheery, smartphone-less day ahead!

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