Tips to look effortlessly stylish at the airport. . .

Be it travelling for a holiday or for work, one would always want to be in the most comfortable outfit. And when it comes to airports, you do not want additional chaos from your wardrobe when you already have to take care of your baggage, security and all the documentations. But who said casual and comfortable cannot be stylish?

Here are some tips on how to look stylish on airports without having to put much effort-

  1. Always wear multiple layers
    While travelling between countries it might so happen that your source country is really hot and you get on the plane in a casual tank top and when you get down to your destination, it might be freezing out there or vice-versa. You can pair up a tank top with a shrug, or use a nice sweater with a casual top. You can also carry a jacket because jackets tend to look good on almost all kinds of tops and dresses.
  2. Wear flat footwear
    No matter how stylish you feel in a pair of heels, it can never match the comfort level you get from flats or snickers. So the best way to satisfy your ‘comfortable-and-stylish’ look, pair up your jeans or leggings with good shoes or snickers. If you are of the kind who feels the need to take their footwear on the plane, then you can go for slip-on shoes or ballet style footwear.
  3. Carry a pair of Shades/ Glares
    A long journey can make you look tired and weary. A pair of shades can hide those eyes from telling people the truth and make you look like a diva as well!
  4. No need for chunky accessories
    There is no need to put on expensive jewelry and be worried about them all the time. It’s always better to keep them safe in your bags. If you crave to make yourself look fancy, all you need is a watch or bracelet and a pair of small earrings (studs).
  5. Simple Makeup and Hairstyle
    Whether your plane journey lasts an hour or a day, too much makeup is a bad option. For a plane journey, if you want to give a touch of makeup then always go for options that make your skin and face look fresh and healthy even after hours. Keep your skin moisturized. Apply tinted lip balms to keep your lips well-hydrated and a minimal mascara can be good to highlight your eyes.With heavy eye make-up, the possibility of it smudging is high.
    Always wear a hairstyle that you are most comfortable with. If keeping your hair open comforts you and compliments your looks, then go for it. Else tie it in a manner that can be re-done as and when required.
  6. Turn your Handbag into a Style Statement!
    Handbags tend to give an important finishing touch to the personality of an individual. A handbag can define a person’s fashion sense, especially at airports! So to turn it into your style statement, prefer carrying a small handbag. Go for colors like brown, beige and black because these colors tend to work well with all types of outfits.

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