11 Things People Who Are In A Long-Distance Relationship Will Understand. . .

Because long-distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea
Long distance relationship is not easy. Some people dread getting into a long-distance relationship because of the cons it comes with. Long-distance relationship needs a lot of work and keeping the relationship alive is the prime motive here. However that is not always the case. Long-distance relationship is exciting and keeps the couple on their toes. Here are few things that only the people who are in a long-distance relationship will understand:

  1. Saying goodbye is very difficult
    Every time you meet and it’s time to return, it is very difficult. You may have thought that it would get easy with time but no, it has not.
  2. Time difference is the real enemy
    You surely know all about the time difference, probably by the seconds. However if you both are in the same country, you would probably be knowing all about the train and flight schedules.
  3. Slow internet connection is a nightmare
    You surely know all the internet plans there are. You probably have two of them activated, one for the backup. You cant take the risk where internet connection is slow. It means compromising on your video calls.
  4. Every time you see a couple holding hands, you miss him
    Every single time you see a couple spending quality time, you miss your partner. Sure you have your moments whenever you meet but that doesn’t mean it’s enough.
  5. You have to spend some of the special days alone
    Some of the special days like Anniversaries and Birthdays are spent without your partner. You try to make it special on a video call but obviously it would be great if you were with your partner.
  6. Your phone is always next to you
    You don’t want to miss a single message or call from your partner and hence you don’t leave your phone lying around.
  7. Your sleep gets compromised
    Because the most interesting talks happen at night and hence it means late nights.Almost daily. However you enjoy that and for that you don’t mind compromising your sleep.
  8. Your conversations can get really emotional
    It has been months and you both haven’t met up. You miss each other to the core and want to see each other in person. Sometimes, emotions can really get to you and make you want to do crazy things.
  9. You plan long in advance to meet up
    You probably plan months in advance to meet up. There are good chances that you find yourself unintentionally checking flight or train rates online and you book the ticket because it was available at a good rate.
  10. And when you finally do meet up, it is the best thing ever
    You have spent enough time planning this perfect getaway and now when the time has come when you are together, it is more than perfect. Every moment spent together seems worth the wait.
  11. “Distance makes love grow fonder” holds true for you
    Shakespeare has very rightly said “Distance makes love grow fonder” and you think it can’t get truer than that. Distance has indeed brought you closer.

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