7 Things People Who Hate Reading Will Understand. . .

Yes, they actually exist and they do shock people when they admit that

Till the time we became slaves of technology, books were the to-go place for almost everyone of us. Even the people who had hard time holding the book for half-an-hour would try to read it. However with technology becoming an integral part of our lives and e-books available, even those who find reading awesome have somewhere replaced their books with a Kindle. But it is a given that some may be a great fan of Agatha Christie while the other might not even know who she is! If you are one of those people and dislike reading, here are few things that you will relate to:

  1. You find reading a challenge
    For you reading a whole book is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. You find it to be more time-consuming than any other mode of entertainment. You would rather watch a movie and you can’t help but feel that why you would spend ages reading a huge novel in this fast world.
  2. You deliberately ignore benefits of reading
    Reading is the path to open knowledge. Whenever you want to get over something, just start to read something. You know all this, but you feel it just isn’t for you. It basically is not your cup of tea. You can avail these benefits from various other things as well.
  3. Your smartness is compared with the one who reads a lot
    People often believe that the one who reads is very smart and knowledgeable. Books are the symbol of education and intelligence. Hence it is easily concluded that the one who doesn’t read much isn’t as smart as the one who reads immensely. However, that is not true. Smartness isn’t just limited to the extent of your reading.
  4. The size of the books makes them go crazy
    Just looking at the size of the novel makes go crazy and feels that it is nothing but a nightmare. They often wonder how anyone could get through a book of that size.
  5. The fact that they don’t enjoy reading doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy reading itself
    Some are just not comfortable reading books of any kind. However that doesn’t mean they do not enjoy the act of reading itself. Some do confess to enjoy other forms of reading like on internet. That maybe because you can be easily done with it.
  6. You associate the act of reading with personalities
    How many times have you heard “Cool people do not read”. This is a common belief and the most used excuse that people who hate reading use. This however is not just an excuse but also the state of mind.
  7. They have short attention span
    Sometimes people hate reading because they can recall what they just read a few days ago and so it’s so boring to continue the story. They are likely to go over the read pages again and again which starts to get annoying and so they prefer to stop reading instead.

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